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I was wondering if a "this good thing happened to me" thread would be fun.
Now and then I drop something in "My daily rant" and the good stuff gets forgotten too easily.

A few days ago I just missed the Traxxas XRT that just started selling in shops before the online selling starts just before Christmas. Was just too late in the shop. Anyway I emailed the shop to let me know when they get new stock and to reserve one for me.

Email came yesterday that one green XRT arrived at the shop. His larger order had been taken apart into multiple delivery trucks and was running late. Picked it up today. Quickly soldered XT90 on the ESC and had some fun.

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How was it?

I watched the first videos and these big ones feel extremely chunky and lazy to me. Not that they cant do 50-60mph+, its just that there s literally no place to bash them here in London. (Im struggling with my 1/10 Vorteks even).

What I love about this truck tho is the smart air vents, that is just so smart for good airflow
It basically feels like a big Talion but more planted. Not at all like the Kraton 8s. As others said the XRT drives like a 1:8. It actually does. Nice handling. No unexpected rear breaking out. Steering without AVC does exactly what you want it to do. Could have more punch. Will install stronger servo for gravel / sand.

Don't know how to say this but it nearly "handles too well". Does exactly what you want it to do. Very easy to drive. Only been on cold pavement (minus 4 deg C) so far so I can't say much. Full speed and full turn, just slides nicely and fully controllable.
I love the tires. But then I have only driven on frozen dry pavement. Not sure if they would be too grippy in warm weather. Normally the first thing is to put some tires on the rig with big knobs / tread. Kind of the basher thing. The bigger the tread the better. But is just does not seem to be necessary. And the stock tires seem to really enhance the easy predictable handling.

What I never liked on the XMaxx with stock tires that when you jump you give full throttle and it barely corrects on smaller jumps. And nose dive. Jumping the XMaxx on stock tires basically only works on big jumps where you have enough time in the air for correction. I just put on Cyclones. It seems from the videos that the stock XRT tires are actually heavy enough to correct via throttle - even on small jumps. Think it will be interesting to see how the stock XMaxx tires perform on the XRT. Got little use for them now and might as well just wear them down on pavement.
I'll add one for today, my boss let me know that I'm getting a $1500 Christmas bonus directly deposited into my account tomorrow!! I've had some things in carts @ m2c, Jenny's, jbi & Amazon, looks like I get to do some online rc shopping this weekend! Merry Christmas indeed!!!😃😋👍🤘
Just realizing - if I am the only one to write it turns into a long post. :unsure: Somehow the forum merges the posts if from the same person.
V4 Kraton with some V5 upgrades.






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Daughter took some pictures...

Feel free to post some pictures of your cars that you enjoy driving. So easy to get upset with stuff that happens in life. We might aswell appreciate the good ones.
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V4 Kraton with some V5 upgrades.

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Daughter took some pictures...

Feel free to post some pictures of your cars that you enjoy driving. So easy to get upset with stuff that happens in life. We might aswell appreciate the good ones.

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I am actually super happy about this whole rc thing. I just fixed my sons first rc car, which is a cheap, noname £25 crap. I probably unscrewed like 100 screws and had no problems doing this without a manual or exploded view. Took apart diffs, oiled some bearings, fluided both spider diffs, built it back together.

The fact that I am able to do such things, brings shitton of dopamine to my adhd brain, so it makes me happy. Now the car is not seized anymore and any kid that visits us can play with it.
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Filed a complaint (again) on my Spektrum smart batteries, cell #3 on both had an IR 4x the other 2 cells after 14 cycles.... (7,7,29ohm) They refunded me whole amount(gift card at their online store), and told me to just get rid of the batteries. So I'm happy today. Just waiting to break something so I can spend it 😁💸
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