Do you calibrate your chargers?

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Hey fam,
so I bought my iSDT D1 charger quite some time ago but never thought about calibrating it. Until now.
That's all, have a nice day. 😅
I would leave well enough alone. Unless you know for sure there is an obvious voltage deviation. I've seen some technical reviews that said they were already calibrated well, down to .001v, when tested with a Fluke DVM, a Scope and other good known reference tools. If you don't have a way to precisely test your calibration voltages against the Charger, it is all for naught. Might even cause more issues.
I would leave well enough alone. How I fly.
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I have not and I would not expect to need to do so. You'd need a reference to calibrate it, which most people don't have.
I did consider a calibration, with other chargers as well. But first I researched that well enough and realized best not to touch it.
You need $lab Spec equipment$ to do it. ISDT does a self test when powering on as do most decent chargers. That's good enough.
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ISDT does a self test when powering on

Which has nothing to do with the actual calibration.

Before I calibrated it my packs' cells would show voltage differences of 100 mV and more after hitting LVC on the ESC. And yes, I am aware of the cells' internal resistance, but in my case these numbers are solid.
Now my packs discharge evenly. And if you think about it that proves that the charger was NOT properly calibrated before.
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I've never calibrated my chargers. I don't know how or even thought possible. I have no idea what your talking about.