Notorious Firma 150 ESC rebooting upon throttle input


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I was going trougth some snow for 20-25 mins with no issues but on m6 last pack halfway trought my car came to a stop and kept rebooting itself when throttle was applied. Sometimes it would engage the motor for half a sec but reboot again. Ik the unplug the servo thing but im not running the spektrum junk anymore. The servo works flawlessly. Back home i dried everything up the motor started to work but rebooted a few times now its back working again. I do have one fan that likes to turn on and off since summer but i doubt that will draw insane current. My receiver is a dumbo X6 something in those lines. The esc also was acting up last year in winter too if the truck came to a stop after the first pack the motor stopped working but if i pushed it it would drive again, only difference i had a homemade snow net over all my electronics this year i don't. I hope they warranty the esc
I’m not sure if a mosfet is toast or internal short when that happens but they’re not easily rebuildable. They did warranty one for me doing that after I confirmed it wasn’t servo on a video email, it’s still sitting on the shelf in a new box.

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