Grease for diff

Plastic gears or metal?

If the grease will come in contact with plastic, or the diff gears are plastic, use a plastic safe grease. Otherwise, not too many restrictions. All the excess will get flung off like gotnitro said, so use something that will still leave a good film on the gears for lubrication. White lithium or red and tacky should do the trick for metals gears, i use silicone grease for my plastic ones (y)
Super lube is an excellent synthetic grease. It’s safe for plastic and doesn’t stink like red and tacky. As mentioned before, use minimal grease on the ring gear and input gear, just smear it into the ring gear teeth all the way around.
Super Lube 21036 Synthetic Grease (NLGI 2), 3 oz Cartridge, Translucent White, 1 pack

This thread brings back memories. When I was into 5th scale gas, every other thread was " what 2 stroke oil do you use" To further complicate, standard or synthetic ? :LOL:
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