Flashpoint Diff Grease and Shock Oil

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Hi community hope you are all off to a great start for the week. I have a quick question regarding the brand Flashpoint. Does anyone have any experience with them? I was looking to change my diff grease out and I was going to go with the team associated diff lubes until a member here recommended some weights that team associated doesn't have. That's how I found Flashpoint but couldn't find much info on the company any info you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Yup, have some myself. No issues. Silicone oil is silicone oil, from what i've seen. Even if there is a "difference" in performance, it's not noticeable when you consider the price difference between like kyosho, traxxas branded, or TA oils.
Good info. I’ve been paying too much, and after my last three builds I need to replenish. I’ll check them out. Any other cost effective brand recommendations?
They’re a top notch race brand, owned by Mugen Seiki Racing. Buy without worry. I’ve got some of their stuff, but have recently switched over to Ultimate oils. 🤙
Thank you i really like how they let you chose any weight oil you want vs team associated. And you guys are right the team associated silicon has gotten really expensive
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