Infraction Infraction 3s esc and motor uograde

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Hello, I wanna change my 3s infraction motor and esc, I was looking into this one
I’m not sure how the whole KV stuff works, my current motor is a 3660 3900kv brushless, would I need something with more kv? I wanna use 3s and 4s batteries and want decent run times for bashing with the stock gearing, im limited to buying stuff on eBay right now so if you guys have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!
I just moved up to the 6s ESC and run 4s in it and this worked out for me. I do keep an eye on the motor temp. The HW setup is a very good setup but way over kill. If you do go with the HW setup you will have to gear up a lot.
Dales396lt4 suggestion is a good one: I run several 6s vehicles on 4s regularly. I've got a nearly new (less than an hour total time) Maverick Flux ESC and 2250kv motor combo out of a Maverick QuantumR 4s vehicle I would be willing to sell. The motor and ESC are rebranded Hobbywing components: the ESC looks to be a rebranded Max8. I would let the motor and ESC both go for $120 (negotiable), shipping included.
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