Infraction to Felon for NOOB

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I'm getting back into the RC scene and I've just brought an Infraction v2, but really wanted the Felon (though the handbrake, and local stockist issues made the Infraction arguably a better buy for me).

As both effectively are the same car with some slight differences from what I understand, can I do the following:

  • Buy a set of Felon rear wheels and fit them to my Infraction v2? Do I need extra spacers, or anything else
  • If I can do the above, which tires do I need as the ARRMA site has tires, just not clear as to which ones I'd need
  • Assuming I can leave the handbrake in place from the Infraction

I've found the body shell for the Felon black already, just it would look silly on the rear Infraction wheels.
You’d also have to get the rear differential so that everything matches up. Otherwise you’ll have your front and rear going different speeds…

See photo for front and rear difference on a felony:


You’ll need this:

Also… I believe you need a front and back piece for the body to fit on correctly 🤔

I don’t have the two units in front of me to compare…. But I think that’s it.
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