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Arrma RC's
Got off work early today and picked this up.

Kraton is stripped down to bare chassis for chassis protector.

Plastics feel great, some things I want to address... ordered a lot of parts
  • Wing mount = RPM mount
  • Bearings = red sealed
  • Diff pins = drill bit Mod
  • Chassis flex = GKA 7570 alum braces
  • Servo mount = 3m x 30mm alum post
  • Wing protection = MT4 wheelie bar
  • Steering rack bushings = replace with bearings
  • Short springs = Tekno 80mm yellow / 90mm orange
  • No body = Jconcepts mugan MBX7
  • Wheels\tires Sweep racing belted
Powertrain will be quickrun 150a and 1480kv (4092) leopard & a Savox 1230 servo...that's all.

Big Thanks to this forum for all the help addressing these little issues with the Kraton, I should have a nice basher from the start.
Very nice !!!! Keep us new ground up builds !!!

Front diff 50wt,,,4 screw diff removal is B.S. I shim my diffs, and you can't cram the diff in their with shims. I had to remove the upper arms.

Red sealed bearings installed, front, center, rear, and center. Installed 500k in center diff, mounted 4092 leopard with a 16t. I didn't have the new sun gear pins, so I used the stock ones.

I thought I would have a pin for the outdrives,,but their tiny 2.2mm (my mini erevo used 1.9mm)
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Sorry it's been a long week...not a roller anymore. Still waiting on parts, but it's test ready.

Thank you, still waiting on new springs, braces, wheelie bar, servo post.. but it it's ready for temp testing. Paint is drying on the MBX7 body.

I did get all the diffs shimmed, and filled with fluid, all new bearings, and RPM wing mount installed
The way you have that setup with those tires...I would love to run it with the torque control feature that my Mamba Monster X has in it. On the would be like it's on rails.

I ordered a chassis decal for mine....I figured I would try one out.
Rook out for first run on 5s with the punch on lowest setting. Temps were great,, but it's making a clicking noise? Guess I'll have to try 6s,,,find out what's broke.



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I took it for a run off road with truggy size MT tires, punch set on 5, with a 5s battery's. Very nice rig,, got my Tekno springs installed. Got some wheelies, but not flip over constantly crazy. Really drove great.

I'll try a 6s pack, some 3.8 trenchers, for comparison. But very happy with last run on 5s.
5S is great I think. Sounds like you got it close to how you like it. It seems like I run way faster and smoother with 5S. The full energy of my 6S pack seems to just get wasted so I hold off the throttle....where the 5S pack is just right...with a touch of still usable insanity...not much goes to waste.
Got Trenchers today, going to try and get some more run time in this weekend.

The GKA chassis braces are taking forever to get here. Ordered on the 3rd,,, $19 shipping
Trenchers are on my short list of things to get....let me know how you like them. I have them on my Slash....17mm F11 rims. I love them on the Slash. So perfect on it for how I drive it.

Today I slapped a decal under the pan..It's pretty thick.

I just use el cheapO C.F. wrap.

I have a 6s pack loaded, and ready. Want to try with my hobbypartz tires before moving to Trenchers. I have Trenchers on my my BL 5ive (just sold). They worked great, the 3.8's are a lot softer. I got the reg,, not the X series. I didn't want super fat tires


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