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What is the highest motor temp you guys feel comfortable with? I have an infrared thermometer on order.

The other day my son was running his Fury through some thicker grass and we saw smoke coming from the back. Luckily it was just some dry grass, but the motor was extremely warm. After it cooled it's run fine.

We are using NiMh batteries and the stock 15T motor. I have a spare in order as well.

Thanks in advance.
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The problem with the Fury,is that there is very little room around the motor to even squeeze a thin profile heatsink into. I have seen someone manage it here on the forums,but I can't remember who it was.
Thanks everyone. I have the infrared thermometer on order - it happens to be the one WoodiE refers to.

I will look into the heatsink. I thought it should have some sort of heatsink already and found this. Is this just a "dress up" part? I don't have the truck or manual with me as my son is visiting his grandparents.

We run it maybe 4-5 hours per month and this is the first time we've had an issue. I figure the motor had to be getting pretty hot to start burning some grass. The battery was wearing down at the same time so at first I thought we had burned up the motor.

I am still learning.
@DBBD the aluminum motor mount will help but only a little. A motor fan will help a bit more while gearing and watching motor temps will be even better.

Also keep in mind the Fury is a short course truck made for track like conditions not something designed for thick grass. If this is going to be your normal driving conditions I'd recommend looking at getting something more suited for that type of environment like a monster truck.
Thanks WoodiE. Grass isn't our normal environment. We live out in the desert and can run around in the dirt pretty freely (see profile pic)

But this issue occured at my in-laws house where it's run on some concrete and grass. The grass also hadn't been cut yet, so it was a little taller than usual. Add in an ambient air temp of 95 degrees F and we get what we got.

We have run it there before without issue, I think it was the perfect storm of conditions.
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