Kraton Oil Thickness Question

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Arrma RC's
I just installed so 90mm springs on front and rear shocks with 70w oil. Took it out today had it flying around 30 feet in the air and BOOOOOOOM broke my rear diff and front and rear bar that holds the lower a arms on by the diff. So should I out some 40w instead of 70w so they are not so stuff.
It's possible that thicker may lead to busting stuff. I thickened up my shock fluid recently and just so happened to bust a shock shaft. But 30 foot jumps with bad landings can snap whatever. However... I was bouncing less on landings... I may go slightly thinner when I install the new shock. Your rebound should look somewhat slow when you push the vehicle down while it's sitting on a table. It shouldn't bounce up fast.
That's what I was was a good landing until I hit the tree. Going to try some 50w and see what happens. I am just waiting for someone to come out with a aluminum diff housing.
Try 55wt rear, 70wt front if you want a balanced setup.

The front and rear shocks are not the same size, and they're not mounted in the same position on the arms. Running the same fluid will make the rear MUCH stiffer than the front. This is why the rear springs are softer, and the stock fluid is 600cst rear/800cst front.

You may also want to consider running a legit set of front springs. The 90mm rears that you have on the front are way soft.

Spring rates are on the right, in pounds per inch of compression.
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