Outcast Build - A work in progress...

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Ontario, Canada
Arrma RC's
  1. Kraton 6s
  2. Outcast 6s
  3. Typhon 6s
I always wanted a RC as a youngster back in the early to mid 80's (Blackfoot, Hornet, Grasshopper, Wild Willy) but never ended up picking one up.

So, my RC saga began about 13 years ago.....

It all started with the purchase of an original 3906 model Emaxx. That's where the addiction began....

Have about 20 or so RC's in different scales and a few small quad copters as well.

My most recent buy was the Outcast back in early December. My first Arrma and first 1/8 scale RC. Love it! A whole new experience from the 1/10 trucks that make up the bulk of my collection!

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've only had it out a few times but, weather and life commitments have gotten in the way, so I've spent time scanning through the forums for hop-up/upgrade ideas when I get the chance.

I can't say enough good things about this forum, the first one I've joined. Great group here!

Most of the following list has been obtained from members on this forum and a few FB groups.

Upgrades completed or those sitting on the bench waiting to be installed (which counts for most of the following list.....);
  • De-badged body
  • GKA servo mount
  • GKA chassis braces
  • Savox 1210 SG WP servo
  • Tekno Orange springs FR (with Losi 70wt) & RR (with Losi 60wt)
  • Black aluminum wing buttons with 4mm screws
  • Battery tray protruding screw fix
  • 3mm shock washer replacement
  • DE Racing rear mudguards
  • Castle 10 amp BEC
  • Robinson Racing 16t pinion
  • Mugen Seiki & Tekno diff shim sets
  • RPM wing mounts
  • RPM front bumper & skid plate
  • RPM rear skid plate
  • Axial aluminum servo horn
  • Vented tires & taped up wheel vent holes
  • Working on different body mount option
  • 3/8" aluminum tower to tower brace
  • Working on fitting older HPI Jeep Rubicon body
  • Also have JC Bajr & PL Baja Bug bodies
To get;
  • Once I get around to opening up the diffs will shim and change oils to 50/100/20
  • Fast Eddy or Avid bearing sets
Here's a pic of the rough fit for the Jeep sitting on the body posts. I had to take the rear posts and move them on the back of the rear shock tower.

@ WoodiE I've been going back and forth between a few options but will probably go with yellow body & black fender flares, roll bar, top and front window frame.

My Step father has a 74' CJ5 mellow yellow so will try and match it (won't get the right color out of a can, will be brighter yellow). Hoping it becomes mine in the near future. He doesn't get out in it too much anymore so I've been trying to buy it off him for a couple of years now. Still won't let go of it.

This isn't his but similar and same color scheme.
73 cj5 yellow.jpg

Will be interesting to see if I can get the detail done cleanly? Of the few bodies I've painted over the years I just used the supplied window masks and painted solid colors with spray cans. Pretty basic. This one will involve some time masking areas of, etc.

Not sure when I'll get it done but will definitely post pics of the finished product.
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