Peteys Kraton build

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Cold lake Alberta
Arrma RC's
Hey guys lets start of with this. Been in rcs for 10+ years now with nitro. Build many savages. Also a year ago I bought my arrma Kraton and after reading forums this is is what I've came up with for my build
  • Avid bearings with steering bearings
  • Tp's diff shims with drill bit mod
  • Tbone talion bumpers
  • RC8T rear mud guards
  • Outcast battery tray, side guards, (front mud guards on order)
  • GKA braces and servo mount with risers
  • Savox sw-1210 waterproof servo
  • hot racing servo horn clap style
  • tekno orange springs all around
  • bunch of random diff and shock oils
  • new esc fan and program card
Parts still waiting to show up. The narrow trencher tires. Body. Front mud guards, Drill bits

In July I'll get my outcast and start building that one.

Tonight I did outcast battery tray. Tall side guards. Rear mud guards. Hub bearings and replaced steering bushings with bearings. Gka braces.

To do the outcast battery tray did you have to drill holes in the chassis to accommodate the tray?
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