Fury Rebuilding my collection slowly.

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I am slowly rebuilding my collection after losing everything to a fire on June 12th. HPI Jumpshot MT, Arrma Fury, Traxxas Slash/Rally ST 4X4 (the Rash), Team Associated ProSC10 (one of two i picked up), Traxxas Stampede 2WD, Traxxas Stampede 2WD Grave Digger, and Traxxas Stampede 4X4. Next im looking for an HPI Blitz, and an HPI Jumpshot SC.

Sorry to hear that! Looks like you got the determine to stay in the hobby. We need more folks like you!

Are you buying those second hand to replenish your fleet? Or re-buying new?
Man that's gotta be a nightmare losing everything you have to a fire. I've kinda gone though something similar. When I last moved to Germany I had to pare down my belongings to two medium sized suitcases. It can be a bit traumatic.

Great to see you're on the mend and what a nice collection you're putting together there. (y)
awesome collection you have .glad to see you back in the hobby after a devastating chapter in your life..glad your ok👍 and glad your here ..stay positive bro
I typically buy second hand. That way, I can set them up how I want, instead of spending the money on stuff that's just gonna get tossed in a box.
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