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Hey all, I always have enjoyed driving my rc's with friends, and I know when we both had traxxas we needed different receiver chips to run on separate frequencies. I assume the same rule will apply with arrma, but I haven't seen any different chips, anyone know where I would be able to buy one?
You were using old radio tech. Arrma's use 2.4GHz radios that can be bound to the receiver and do not require crystals.
Hey @grant1120, @MSgt is correct. It sounds like you're using either AM or an FM radio system which has been pretty much replaced by 2.4Ghz systems for a while now which eliminates the need for crystals and worrying about what channel one person is using and what channel is available.

The new systems take care of all this in a matter of a second when you turn them on plus offer a number of other benefits over the old radio systems.
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