Recommended Arrma 4x4 Mega Upgrades


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Give it to your little brother and go get a 6s Kraton, upgrade complete.
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Do you guys generally buy replacement parts online or from your local hobby shop? Ordering online seems to take longer but saves you a little bit of money. Buying from a LHS gets you back up and running but often at a higher cost. I'm in Michigan and things are starting to open back up so I'm looking forward to visiting my lhs for the first time to see what they have in stock. My brushed motor in my Granite Mega bit the dust and I'm waiting on a warranty replacement from horizon hobby that's on back order. I ordered a brushless setup from China and that's a month out. (I just can't afford a more expensive brushless setup. Don't judge.) But I'm sure I could stop in to my LHS to buy another brushed motor to get me back up and running. I also ordered the wrong sealed bearings from Amain hobbies and am currently trying to email them to return them for the correct ones. The amain website description of the Fast Eddy bearings is horrible. It doesn't say that they are for the 2wd or 4wd. Just that they are for the granite mega. I get them in the mail, and the package says 2wd. Ugh. I should have just ordered them from Fast Eddy website. Sorry to rant, but I'm getting frustrated constantly trying to order parts online and either ordering the wrong parts or waiting a long time to get them. And the fact I've only had this truck for 2 weeks and the stock brushed motor is already toast.
I generally buy the main high end upgrades direct (GKA, M2C, etc.), but I go through the LBS for the rest.

I think it is important to support the LHS and support the local economy. I don't mind paying a bit more and keeping this money in my country, but I will buy online for very substantial savings. Living in Canada, the shipping fees from the US is more expensive, so that favors the LHS from the start.

Good call on the brushless upgrade for the Mega. The brushed motors on my son's Mega can barely last 10 packs before they die. He killed another one this last weekend. I'm getting a Granite 3S for him as soon as they arrive at the LHS. I'll transfer the electronics and drivetrain to the Mega and keep the rest of the parts as backup.

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The Arrma 4x4 Mega Granite/Senton is a pretty solid platform out of the box, but like most any other RC there are some weak points that can certainly be improved upon. Below we'll look at a few of those weak points and provide alternatives to fix said points.

If the Arrma Mega 4x4 is your first RC then there are going to be a few things you'll need first.

Required items for an Arrma 4x4 Mega

Batteries - The Arrma 4x4 Mega supports either a 7 cell NiMh or 2S LiPo battery pack.

My recommendation would be to go with a 2s LiPo pack and would suggest checking out SMC LiPo battery packs. However if you are looking for a list of suggested brands check out our "Budget LiPo of choice" thread.

LiPo Charging Sack - If you are going to go with a LiPo battery you MUST use a LiPo charging sack. These things are silly cheap and offer a huge amount of protection in the event a LiPo starts to go south.

*If you are not using a LiPo battery you can forgo getting a charging sack*

Battery Charger - For someone getting into RC and looking for a good bang for their buck, I would recommend checking out the Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo charger. It will easily charge dual 2S LiPo or 7 cell NiMh packs at the same time allowing you to get back to racing/bashing quicker.

If you want other suggestions, check out our Recommend me a battery charger thread.

4x AA batteries - The 4x AA batteries are used in the transmitter that is included with the Arrma 4x4 Mega trucks. I'm would recommend getting Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Either the Panasonic Eneloop or Eneloop Pro (higher capacity, longer run time).

That about wraps up the required items, now onto the recommended Arrma Mega 4x4 upgrades!

Most Recommended Upgrades for the Arrma 4x4 Mega

Servo - Soon after the Granite/Senton 4x4 Mega trucks was released, several people reported issues with the included servo.

An inexpensive upgrade would be the Savox SW-0230MG servo which has metal gears, faster and MUCH stronger than the stock servo - and it's also waterproof. A near bulletproof upgrade (maybe even a bit over kill ;)) would be a Savox SW1211SG or Savox SC-1256TG digital servo (probably want to pick up a BEC while you're at it too if you go with the 1256 servo).

Servo Saver - In the same breath we recommend a new servo, the stock servo saver is in need of some help as well. I don't think the stock servo saver hasn't saved many servos and looks like a knock off of a Kimbrough.

Skip the issues and get a legit Kimbrough #123 servo saver instead.

Shocks - We get a lot of questions about this one and right now these are the most commonly suggested and used shock upgrades:

Bumpers - The stock bumpers are not only a bit small but we've also seen reports of them not holding up as well. Luckily we have companies like T-Bone Racing that offers front and rear bumpers for the both the Granite and Senton 4x4 Mega trucks!

Bearings - I've said it before and will say it again, stock bearings in nearly any RC stink. Get yourself a set of NICE bearings from Team Fast Eddy - he offers both a Granite and Senton bearing kit for the Mega 4x4's.

Aside from the above, there have been several people ask about 17mm hex adapters and a common reply is to buying a set of these 17mm adapters that so far seem to be working very well for members here.

Finally I would suggest anyone looking for more information, tips and other mods check out these useful threads below:

Please, if you have other suggested upgrades, mods or tips for the Arrma 4x4 Mega Granite or Senton trucks please share below!
Could you send me a link to the hsp shocks


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Hey Guys,

I just bought ARA310949 part. It says it is completely assembled slipper clutch for 3s granite. I was curious if any of you bought this and will it come with the black cover shapped part that comes with
and AR310881 shaft?


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Hey Guys,

I just bought ARA310949 part. It says it is completely assembled slipper clutch for 3s granite. I was curious if any of you bought this and will it come with the black cover shapped part that comes with
and AR310881 shaft?
No those won’t come with the slipper. They are separate parts.

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