1. WoodiE

    RPM ARRMA 3s 4×4 Suspension A-arms

    For those with the 1/10 Arrma 3s 4×4 truck, RPM has big news! They are now offering a set of suspension arms that are made for the Granite 4×4, Senton 4×4, and Big Rock CC 4×4. https://www.rctalk.com/rpm-arrma-3s-4x4-suspension-a-arms/
  2. Mega converted to brushless

    Mega converted to brushless

    Granite mega 4x4 converted to brushless
  3. Custom Arrma granite mega 4x4

    Custom Arrma granite mega 4x4

    Custom body for my Arrma granite mega 4x4
  4. larrytokes

    Street Bash

    The plow left me a sweet little jump on the side of the road so I had to set up the GoPro! larrytokes if you want to follow or subscribe 🤷‍♂️
  5. larrytokes

    Suggestions for body shell with 11.3" wheel base?

    Has anyone swapped out bodies on a Granite BLX yet? Or any other RC's with 11.3" wheel base? I want to paint a body shell and I'm looking for different options if anyone wants to throw some out there. Thanks
  6. larrytokes

    Late Night Winter Bashing

    Off the shelf with some late night bashing yesterday.
  7. DF6AC593-FA70-4688-BE02-0F3B8CDE25F4.jpeg


    My lil granite
  8. Flyr Rc

    motors and esc combos

    are hobbywings or castle creations any good to run in the granite as brushless converstion.
  9. Flyr Rc

    Broke my bumper today

  10. Flyr Rc

    new brushless motor

    whats the biggest motor and esc I can put in my granite 4x4 to run it hard and fast but also strong and will not over heat
  11. A

    Best lipo battery for Senton 4x4

    Just got a arrma senton 4x4 and wanted to extend my run time. I have a lipo charger just wanna know a good size battery to go with so i don't fry the esc.
  12. Thomas P

    TpParts RcXtremes | ARRMA Tsaagan 6s BLX 1/12th 4wd truck

    Ok, i know...i know..blurred pic..its a body ofc 👀😋. No i will not tell yet..its a semi long term project. This is something that we never seen, never been done. It will be 1 of a nind, and worlds first. Just recived some quotes on material for it. Stay tune for more updates No, it will not...
  13. Bigdog3890

    Arma granite 4x4 video

    Here’s a link to my YouTube channel and me bashing with my arma granite 4x4
  14. Bigdog3890

    My new shocks

    My new arma granite 4x4 box racers edge shocks and to get longer shock rods for rear but that’s it they are nice for 60 weight oil in rear and 40 in front but the front is way to soft ... also broke my damn skid plate again can’t wait for my t bone racing bumpers front and rear to get here !!
  15. bicketybam

    So much for the budget friendly Granite 3s

    Damn you Hot Racing!!! I just spent $160 on upgrades for my Granite. I ordered the metal pivot balls, steering blocks, c-hubs, rear hubs and the steering assembly. If they ever come out with HD wheel driveshafts, they will get even more of my money. This was truly an impulse buy because other...
  16. Bigdog3890

    Granite a arms

    Does anyone know if these a arms for granite fit on the 4x4 blx version ?
  17. Bigdog3890

    All 3s model built shocks from local RC shop

    Here is a video of my local rc shop guy bill making shocks for all the 3s models for arma !! Here is the link just copy and paste.....
  18. Bigdog3890

    Arma granite 4x4 shocks

    I’m looking for upgraded FULL aluminum shocks for my new granite 4x4 can anyone help me?
  19. D

    ESC Upgrade for my young son's Granite 4x4

    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a used Granite 4x4 for my son off of Craiglist. The truck was very clean and all stock. The price was right and I knew the electronics would be the biggest question. Its seems this truck goes into thermal shutdown after a few minutes of driving. We're...
  20. Sledgehog

    RCDriver_Online's review of the Granite 4x4 BLX

    Even after breaking it ( due to user error and cold weather as he admits) they give it a shining review. :D