1. C

    Big Rock My 1/10 Arrma Big Rock 3s shock won’t come off!!

    Help!! My Arrma 1/10 Big Rock 3s V3 shock isn’t coming off!
  2. S

    Senton arrma senton shcoks

    looking to put proline power stroke shocks on my senton but they would be coming from a slash 2wd, so would there be a big difference between the ones meant for the slash and the ones meant for the arrma and would they work on a arrma and fit on it with stock or rpm a arms?
  3. graniteharry

    Granite Brushed granite metal spur upgrade plz help!

    Hi guys hope everyone is well. I have a brushed granite (the blue one). I'm trying to upgrade the spur gear. I have a new 91t but the old plastic one was splined and had a bearing on it. Can I get parts to make it work? Maybe the bearing on the sleeve and insert it. Thank u in advance :)
  4. E

    Senton Integy Snowtracks for Senton/Vorteks/Granite 4x4

    https://www.integy.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=36720#.Y3kQ_-zMJEA https://www.integy.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=36392#.Y3kRDOzMJEA Anyone ever done this with a 4x4 Granite/Vorteks/Senton 3S Mighty tempted to get these and give it a shot. My concern is if I just simply remove the center...
  5. Mit Snori

    Vorteks Anybody seen this before?

    Would the metal slipper sleeve (4S) help prevent this happening again? *Part has already been replaced by my super helpful supplier in the UK.
  6. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Arrma Vorteks Boost 4x2

    Hey guys , so I'm eagerly waiting on my Vortkes Boost to land and have been looking for reviews on YouTube. Hopping for some of the big guys to get one up asap . Stumbled across this guy posted today . Now I can't wait , I've already ordered a brushless motor and 80a ESC combo from Surpass a...
  7. Megaladon_Senton

    Senton Testing.. is this thing on?

    Hi y’all, new to the forums. Wanted to share a few pictures of the custom Senton 4x4 BLX build I have been working on. Slapped on a proline megaladon body, and DE racing speedway wheels wrapped in proline hyrax tires. Loving the look of it. 💪🦈
  8. 20220511_200156.jpg


    Cheap ebay lights mounted well enough for me
  9. rcNOLA

    Typhon Thermal Paste Firma 3200kv

    Ran a 100c 5200 powerhobby dead with a 20t. Absolutely no heat issues. Luke warm on the back of the can. Used to almost burn me running an 18t.
  10. J

    Senton Senton 550 Overheating w/ Max10 esc and 3600kv motor combo and Savox SW1211SG servo

    The Max10 ESC is the only thing that’s overheating. I’m running this combo with 16t pinion 57t spur gear. after about 10 minutes runtime. This happens when I use a 2s 5200mah and 3s 3300mah. I think that my steering is off and the esc is trying hard to compensate for it while trying to power the...
  11. M

    Vorteks Spoiler upgrade.

    Hey guys, is there a spoiler off another model that fits the vorteks? I'm looking for one that's mounts the car itself not one the shell?
  12. M

    Vorteks Vorteks pinion question???

    Hey guys. Just this new guy again.. To make myself 110% sure if I put the 20t pinion in my vorteks it will slow it down at top speed this correct? I meanly drive off road an was thinking if the 20t pinoin would give me a bit more control/traction when going full noise or is it just better to...
  13. M

    Vorteks Shock spaces.

    Hey guys, me again.. Done some research on this forum but couldn't really find the answer my looking for.. I'm wanting to know what the difference between the 3 spaces are? An how each one would effect off road driving? Cheers
  14. M

    Vorteks Best diff oil front an rear.

    Hey guys, I have had my vorteks for about 2 weeks now. I'm want to change the diff oil.. just wondering if anyone on here can help me out with some options please. Cheers
  15. C

    Senton Senton 4X4 Burning Smell

    So i bought my Daughter a Dromida Backbone and she is really into it, so I bought me a Aarma Senton 4x4 to run with her. We got the 2s Lip batteries Battery + Charger bundle from Spektrum for her RC and Mine. The Hobbytown store suggested it. I had mine maybe 4 days about 3 runs of the...
  16. G


    Hey guys I’m having a issue with my big rock, when I try to drive it makes kinda a high pitch sound like it’s just the motor spinning. It’s not the spur gear, it’s not striped and the mesh seems fine. The pinion gear is fine also. To me the diffs seem fine. I have a video on it and please watch...
  17. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Typhon Mega v3 throttle/steering issues (newbie)

    Hello All, I just recently bought my 2 sons each a Typhon Mega v3 ($205 from Amazon during XMAX time). I will eventually get into upgrading some stuff (and will no doubt have question to post on here), but right now we're having an issue and I was hoping that some of you on here might be able...
  18. GRS184crown

    Senton My First Arrma (Senton V3)

    So I just got a my first basher/ short course rc and I liked the style of the Senton so when with it. I bought it used and tbh the chassis does not seem like it had a hard life from inspecting although the body has a crack in but, I reckon that is to be expected on this type of vehicle. I...
  19. osteph199812

    Can Big rock handle 4S

    Can I use a 4S lipo in my big rock or is it 3S lipo only. I’m just askig because I don’t want to buy a 4S lipo and it now work.
  20. Vorteks, Big Rock Bash

    Vorteks, Big Rock Bash