Rubber switch boot

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Just a quick warning to keep an eye on these. The one on my granite tore after only a handful of packs and in a pretty non-discrete way. The switch was vulnerably located and positioned so it could be turned off from forward motion. One call on the arrma 2-year and a switch relocation later and she's back to puddle jumping business.
Stock location:


My Location; higher and flipped although still a bit vulnerable:

IMG_20150710_235340_004 1.jpg

The tear is hidden unless I deform the boot:

That's a great idea. I was trying to stick with the screw mount and an existing hole but you could get a much better location with some two sided tape. Hmmm...
This isn't for this truck but I cut the switch off my mm2 for the kraton and soldered the wires together and Shrink wrapped it up. No switch ment no problem although it is always on when plugged in.
I had to move speed control so i put it under esc with two sided tape working wonderful just clean with a little soapy water then dry real good should be fine
Not sure mine came with program card haven't t tried the reset button yet to check
It is not just a switch, it is also a way of setting up your esc. So if you solder the two ends to each other, there is no way anymore to program the esc.?
I use the castle link to program, granted I don't use the stock esc.
As far as I know the Arrma 80A esc. has no option for any programming card.

My sons HobbyKing esc. does have a programming box. Indeed so much more easy. Except you have open the receiver box again and again...
Went bashing today and the thing kept turning off every few minutes due to forward motion. Quite a design flaw i would say. I will definitely relocate it.
I had the switch fail on me within a couple of days after I got mine. Warranty sorted it though. It does turn off quite a lot while in operation so perhaps I should relocate it too.
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