Talion with 40 series trenchers. Do I need Kraton spiral diffs?

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The 40 series trenchers are 6.8 inches tall. The Kraton has spiral differential gears I asume are stronger than the straight cut one the Talion comes with. Should I change them or run smaller tires?
I thought the kraton/talion had the same diffs? And the senton/typhon had spiral cut
Also, I ran the 40 series trenchers without problems on my Talion.I actually miss them, wish I never sold them.

Good to hear you had no problems. I learned a long time ago to keep wheel track the same as stock for good handling so there are limited choices for Mt tires with 0 offset. I was also happy to see they didn't rub the body anywhere. Now I need to wait till warmer weather to see if it needs a lower pinion.
The only major functional differences between the kraton/talion are the slightly longer hexes and axles for a slightly wider stance in the kraton. So wheels with an offset won't make it handle much different then a kraton. The height of the 40series trenchers actually reduce handling a bit(it will want to roll more) compared to some of the lower profile mt tires but I still love em.
Even the 1/2 inch offset of the premounted badlands was a noticeable decrease in handling to me. I lowered the ride height back to almost stock so handling is like a regular truggy. It makes the stock springs more than long enough. Lower ride height also allows the droop screws to be set so the shocks don't over extend in a crash destroying there ends. Regular truggy handling with tires tall enough to roll over almost anything.
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