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TP Power 4070cm 2700kv Wiring Help!

Discussion in 'Typhon' started by HappyJonny1976, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. HappyJonny1976

    HappyJonny1976 Active Member

    Mar 9, 2018
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    Hey guys, I bought a TP Power 4070cm 2700kv motor which I plan to remove my Typhon stock motor then drill new holes for the front mounting holes then use the old front mount holes for the rear motor mounts. Then swap the front and rear drive shafts. However the wires of the TP Power motor are a thicker gauge than the 4mm bullet connectors on the stock typhon esc. Is there some type of bullet adapter or do I need a different esc altogether? Could really use some advice. Thanks, Jon-
  2. Jerry-rigged

    Jerry-rigged Premium Member!
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    Apr 27, 2016
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    Texas, Baby!
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    Kraton, Typhon, 4x4-Mega
    Best would be to solder the larger bullets on to your ESC, to match the motor bullets. With a motor like that monster, you really don't want an adaptor.

    And for the ESC, yeah, the stock BLX185 = Quickrun150, not enough. You will probably need something like the MAX6 or a XLX for that motor.
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