Typhon Typhon w/SRC Terrain Crushers

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I honestly didn't think they would fit/work. Other wheel/tire combos didn't work because there was no turning radius available (needs more offset). But the SRC's incredibly massive huge rims allow full lock-to-lock turning when the suspension is at normal ride height. The only time the turning binds is when the A-Arms are extended and then at about 85-90% steering it will make contact with the shock spring. A simple adjustment on the droop screw and dial back the endpoints a touch and problem solved.

It's nice to have different sets of wheels that make such a difference in driving capabilities/characteristics...
Pretty cool , I got a set myself , if you look at my profile pic they were on my slash 4x4 monster I built , now sold and I kept the terrain crushers for my kraton. I cant wait to try them out on it.
I will work on a video, they are no 'harder' on the drivetrain on the Typhon than they are on the Kraton/Talion etc. but technically more unsprung weight = more work, so you could say they are harder on the drivetrain than stock, yes.
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