Unresolved Cogging...What Else to Try?

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I'm running the stock Big Rock motor & Torox135 (rebranded HW EZRun Max10) with stock gearing and have not been able to resolve a persistent cogging issue. I run on both 2s and 3s and the issue is more pronounced on 2s. While cogging is noticeable with low key bashing, the motor will quit completely following landings from moderate jumps (2 to 3 feet high and landing on dirt).

The BR has metal gears front, spur and rear and the driveline has very little drag. I took the motor apart and inspected the bearings (I replaced one but it was far from bad). There is no immediately noticeable damage to the motor internals.

I'm not a brushless motor expert and have not had this experience on any other of my rigs (Rival MT10, 2wd Slash w/ HW motor & ESC, and Sketer).

Is this motor toast? What else can I check to diagnose the issue and fix it? The BR has not been the most reliable truck in my small collection, but I really do like the performance when it's running well.

Motor wizards...please advise!
Could it possibly be a bad servo.....if that is not the case. Could the BEC be too high coming off the toro? Last ditch effort for me is factory reset the esc, rebind the receiver, and if RTR transmitter factory reset that as well. Make sure its not the servo or BEC as somtimes a bad servo can cause gremlins all over.
On those motor wires make sure the prongs are nice and tight fitting. Sometimes need to spread them apart a little. Agree with the above motor wires are one of the first places I would check or a bad solder connection somewhere In the power system.
Don't rule out the ESC yet as the culprit. You already went over the stocker motor. The fact that it happens more so with 2s than 3s tells me to look at the ESC also. Perhaps it's a bad ESC/Motor combo. Ezrun Max 10 is for lighter rigs IMHO. So I always felt. I could be wrong. :unsure:
**UPDATE** After not finding anything obvious, I installed a new motor (same exact as stock) which has resolved the issue. Thanks for the suggestions!
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