Kraton Wide rear bumper for Arrma Kraton

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If you're looking for even more protection for your favorite rc basher, the Arrma Kraton then look no further. T-Bone Racing now has a wide rear bumper now available!

The T-Bone Racing rear Kraton bumper is extra wide to provide maximum protection and made from ultra tough nylon to provide long lasting protection.

Part #: 10018
MSRP: $13.00

Jello there, fine sirs and mams.. If you have the wide basher bumper for the talion or kraton, would you be so kind as to give me a few measurements. I would like to know how much it sticks out the back before it curves up, or does it pretty much go up right away. Also i would like to know how tall the bumper is, meening from the bottom of the curve to the top of the bumper.

Or to make it easy.. if you have a senton also. Slapp that puppy on and see how it fits with the stock bumper still installed. Im not sure if all the angles work. You don't even have to bolt in on the senton, just lay it up against it and see if its close, like horseshoes or grenades..ill make it work. I would like a rear skid plate and would like to keep the side bumper guards. Kinda like in the pic, is what im looking for.
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