1. Psinclair

    Senton Senton Mega to 6S

    Practice post. Senton Mega to 3S now to 6S capable. Currently just running it on 4S batteries and it lasts a long time and doesn’t get hot.
  2. Rcproponent

    Talion v4 Build

    Well, what started off as me turning my 2nd kraton into a talion ended up being just me making a talion 🤦🏻‍♂️. By the time I ordered what was gonna be needed to convert, I just had the rest in the parts bin so I kept the 2nd kraton around. It may or may not end up being a super stretch typhon...
  3. jhalpinjr

    Kraton OutCast 6s to Kraton 6S

    Hey Guys, The wheelies and flip overs are just too much..... So if I convert the Outcast to Kraton, is it just a mid diff to rear drive shaft length and chassis length? Body and tires of course (which I have no idea which ones to get- maybe the stock Kratons?). Ives been comparing the parts...
  4. Typhon....... The other way😁

    Typhon....... The other way😁

    Different wheel configuration.....
  5. lilzeus

    Typhon Convert 3s slipper to mod1?

    I could swear I've seen this, maybe even by Duperbash, but is there a way to convert the 3s slipper clutch spur/pinion to mod1 pitch? Not having any luck searching. Thanks!
  6. R

    Kraton Is it possible to convert the Kraton to a short course truck (sct)?

    Anyone know if there’s any wheels/tires and body that can be used to make the kraton look like a sct? I have too many open wheel rigs but don't want to sell or trade them yet, nor buy a new rc. Like the look of slashes, traxxas udr, and losi’s new bnd version of their baja rey.
  7. arrmaracing

    Talion Nitro Kraton or Talion conversion

    Hey Guys, Yes I know you guys are like why don't I just buy a nitro vehicle etc but the reason why I want to do it with my arrma vehicles is I like to be different and I have a ton of spare parts for my arrma vehicles already. Lets keep this positive and if you can give any tips please comment...
  8. 2loki4u

    Talion Talion v3 Conversion to Kraton

    Hard to come up with a good title for this... I'm looking to see if anyone has put together a list of parts to upgrade a talion to a kraton... I'm not looking to do a full conversion but I am looking to see what parts are different and to try and create a cross between the talion & kraton...
  9. Darknight99

    Outcast Convert Outcast to a Kraton

    So I recently got the Outcast but I prefer the look of the Kraton. what would I need to do to convert the Outcast into a Kraton build. Is there a guide that talks about compatible parts?
  10. rekim

    Vorteks Vortek to Raider conversion

    is there a list of parts that can be used to convert the vortek to a raider?
  11. Steveneats

    Kraton Senton to a kraton

    I have a senton and miss my kraton can u put kraton arms and drive shafts on the senton to convert over or is there more needed
  12. bricoletout

    Outcast Kraton to Outcast conversion

    Hi everyone, I really like the short wheel base configuration of the outcast. What to you think is necessary to transform the Kraton to the outcast ? I think the chassis, then one or two centre axles, then tyres and that's all ? Because I want to convert my Kraton. Thanks, Loïc. Edit : I...
  13. Rdub

    Raider Converting Raider into a Fury

    so I've been surfing around on the tower site and I'm seeing a lot of the fury body mounts say they fit the Raider. Obviously I would need new wheels and tires and the fury body, but what else is different if anything? A arms, suspension? Basically, it seems I can turn a Raider into a Fury...
  14. Kratonage

    Vorteks Conversion into a granite mt

    Can the vorteks be converted into a granite mt?