1. JDarby05

    SOLD / FOUND Tool kit (DeWalt Drill, MIP Hex Bits and drivers, Wiha T-Handles, plus craftsman needle nose, vice grips, channel locks)

    Selling my rc tool kit. Everything I pieced together to make repairs at home or on the go etc Included 1) DeWalt 12V Max Extreme 12 V Brushless Cordless Powered Screwdriver Kit ( Carrying bag, 2 batteries, and charger) 2) MIP Hex Driver Wrenches 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 3) MIP Hex Driver Drill...
  2. vetteman1000

    Ball Hex Driver versus Regular Hex Driver

    I just bought MIP hex drivers. I didn’t realize some of them were ball hex drivers. What is everybody’s opinion on ball hex versus regular hex for 2.0 2.5 3.0 are ball hex. 1.5 only comes regular. Should I switch over to all regular before opening the package or keep the ball drivers?
  3. C

    Please recommend me a rotary tool

    Hi. I am looking for a rotary tool for polishing work. Can you recommend one for me? Dremel or other brands? Thanks
  4. skids929

    Soldering kits

    Just curious as to what folks are using for soldering kits. Not looking to spend a ton of money on one, but I also realize that cheap tools can be more costly if you have to struggle with it or hate using it. The Hakkos looks pretty sweet, price point isn't awful but for the amount I may use...
  5. SarsK9

    Loctite vs Vibratite?

    Just as the title states. Has anyone used vibratite and found it better than loctite or vise-versa for rcs? I use vibratite for my rmr on my edc and seems to have held every time I recheck the torque.
  6. Grandd702

    Senton New Senton 3s BLX necessary upgrades?

    New to the hobby and I got the Senton 3s BLX for my 5 years old grandson. So far I purchased a few necessary items along with a few upgrades items: • Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger • Two Powerhobby 2s 7.4v 7600mah 35c Lipo batteries EC5 plug • Spare body shell in green since the truck came...
  7. H

    Kraton Kraton must buy parts/spares?

    Had the truck 3 days now, doing a strip down to give it a clean and just learn how it comes appart for when I need to fix it. But what parts do you need to have on hand, like do gears strip a lot (happed all the time on my old truck) or any upgrades that are a must out of the box. While I'm...
  8. 9

    MIP or Protek Hexes

    Read how great the MIP tools are for the hobby but have not heard much about the Protek ones. They just launched a new version. Any thoughts? I am looking to buy a good set soon.
  9. Paultro84

    MIP set

    Is this the MIP set everyone says is the bee's knees?
  10. ABRedneck

    I probably should have posted about drill bits here...

    NewWhile we're at it here... One of the best tools I've bought / owned has been a set of Walter drill bits. I've been a mechanic for 30+ years... And spent too much of that time cursing drill bits... Until me & my friend were installing new bumpers on my Jeep... And those sweet Walter drill...
  11. C

    Tools to work on nero

    Im looking for a nice took set to work on nero. What sizes do you think I'll need the most when it comes to the hex drivers.
  12. Corider

    My soldering Iron is dying

    Looking for advice. My soldering Iron is dying and not getting as hot as it used to. Does anyone have any suggestions on a quality,budget friendly soldering station. Or if not budget friendly something that has a good chance of lasting until the end of time? Thanks in advance.
  13. Bad1


    Best tool set for Arrma Kraton. MIP #9502
  14. dpricenator

    Needs tool list for the Kraton

    What's up Ladies and Gents. I know I may be asking a dumb question, so please be gentle. I have a garage full of tools, and I usually keep a bog of tools in each car, as well a set of basics in the office. I have every tool I could need for my RC cars, except they are not designed for tight...
  15. WoodiE

    Kraton Recommended Arrma Kraton & Talion Upgrades 2021

    The Arrma Kraton is a fine R/C out of the box and very capable to hold up to even the hardest of bashing sessions. There are a few things that can be done to further improve the Kraton - making it stronger, faster, and more durable. If you're just getting an Arrma Kraton there are a few things...
  16. ARRMAgeddon

    complete tools for talion

    Can someone post the complete tools needed for the arrma talion? I only have a couple mip tools i want to order more to take apart this rig
  17. WoodiE

    Stanley 25-Compartment Organizer

    RC's are full of small parts and having a place to easily separate and organize those parts makes things so much easier. Stanley has a 25 compartment organizer that works very well and I love that each bin can be taken out independently. For less than $12 right now it's hard to beat this...
  18. WoodiE

    Tools for getting started in RC

    If you've been in R/C for several years and have hundreds of dollars in tools already, this post isn't going to be useful for you. If you're just getting started in R/C, maybe you just picked up your first Arrma model and want to know what tools to pick up... this post is exactly for you! Short...