Kraton Recommended Arrma Kraton & Talion Upgrades 2024

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The Arrma Kraton is a fine R/C out of the box and very capable to hold up to even the hardest of bashing sessions. There are a few things that can be done to further improve the Kraton - making it stronger, faster, and more durable.

If you're just getting an Arrma Kraton there are a few things you'll need to get started.

Required items for a new Arrma Kraton

Batteries - You could run NiMH packs in the Kraton but you'll be doing yourself a dis-service as to really get the power, speed, and run time that the Kraton can really deliver you're going to need to run LiPo batteries. You can use the following LiPo setup:
  • 2x2S LiPo packs
  • 2x3S LiPo packs
  • 1x4S LiPo pack
  • 1x6S LiPo pack
There is a great "Budget LiPo of choice" ongoing thread if you are unsure what battery packs to buy.

Battery Charger - One of the best bang for your buck chargers would be the Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo. It will charge both NiMH and LiPo batteries and can charge two batteries at one time which is really a must have feature for the Kraton as many will be running dual batteries.

LiPo Sack - Just buy one! A LiPO sack is super cheap and offers a great deal of protection to charge and store your LiPo batteries.

4x AA Batteries - These are for the transmitter and I'm a big fan of Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Either the Panasonic Eneloop or Eneloop Pro (higher capacity, longer run time).

If you're new to the hobby, I would also strongly suggest checking out the Tools for getting started in RC thread.

Now on to the upgrades to make your Arrma Kraton even better! :)

Most Recommended Upgrades for the Arrma Kraton v4 in 2024

Radio Gear - Replace it. Period. The new Arrma's are shipping with the Spektrum STX2 and a simple search here on ArrmaForum alone will return tons of results of members having issues with it. From extremely poor range, slow response times and even out right dying prematurely. We all hope Horizon Hobby does the right thing and replace the STX2 with a much more reliable radio.

Until then, it is HIGHLY recommended that you NOT use the STX2 radio and instead buy a replacement. The Futaba 3PV, Tactic TX300 (which is what used to come included in the Arrma's) or even a Flysky FS-GT5 radio system.

I personally use and recommend Futaba so that would be my first choice, though the forum is filled with members that use Tactic and Flysky with great results.

Seriously, if you are going to buy anything for your new Arrma 6s - buy a new radio system.

Servo - You can go one of two ways to improve the servo issues on the Kraton, the best option would be to do both.
  1. Upgrade the servo to something like the PowerHD DW25LV, Savox SW-1210SG (powerful, steel gears, and waterproof), Savox SW-0231MG (a bit weaker than the SW-1210SG) or Hitec HS-7955TG. It is recommended you get either a Glitch Buster or External BEC when running these servo's.
  2. Upgrade the servo mount, the stock plastic mount flexes a lot causing more strain on the servo. The DIY Kraton servo mount upgrade or the one piece aluminum servo mount will remove the flex issues.

Bearings - This isn't a surprise really as there aren't many RC's that are shipped with high quality bearings, or in some cases no bearings at all. In the case of the Arrma Kraton it's both, the bearings that are used aren't very good and there are even bushings used in areas (steering). A bearing set from Fast Eddy Bearings will be a massive upgrade over stock and what I would recommend!

Bumpers - If you're really bashing your Kraton then you'll probably want a good durable bumper. T-Bone Racing make a very durable front and rear bumper for the Kraton. TBR bumpers are also guaranteed forever. If you break it, they will send you a free replacement.

Chassis Braces - A lot of people buy the Kraton because they want to bash it, jump it, and just go crazy. "Don't just bash. Blast." With that in mind another suggested upgrade would be to replace the stock plastic chassis braces with aluminum chassis braces.

There are several places that make them, one of which to check out would be GKA Custom RC Parts.

Addiontal Upgrades for older Arrma Kraton models

Wing Mount - Without a doubt the most likely item to break first out of the box on the older Kraton models was the wing mount. If you don't like the wing then go ahead and remove it, but if you want the wing then buy the RPM Wing Mount. RPM products are guaranteed forever. If you break it, they will send you a free replacement. Another option would be the 3D-RC wing mount.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) - I'm going to say it, the stock BLX 180 ESC is questionable at best or just out right bad at worse. There are plenty of threads here on the forum documenting the numerous issues with this ESC. To Arrma's credit they have been on the ball replacing any bad ESC's within the warranty period.

That said if you don't want to mess with replacing the ESC each time it burns up, has other issues, or chance damaging your other electronics (battery, servo) then adding a new ESC would be best. Tekin, Castle Creations, and even Hobbywing make great alternatives and buying one of their combo's (ESC and motor) could give the Kraton even more speed and/or power!

Note: The BLX 185 could potentially fix the issues with the BLX 180 ESC, but the 185 has yet to be released or tested.

If you have other suggested upgrades, please share below! Let us know how your Arrma Kraton is holding up.
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Thanks for doing this , a treasure trove of info all in one spot :) I wish this was here when i started my project , would have saved me countless hours scouring !!!

That servo you suggest isn't waterproof ? Depending on the upgrade path you take (e.g. one piece at a time like me) you would need an external BEC with that servo if you are going to run the stock ESC . I 'm about to install an xpert 6601 on a few others recommendation , Some people are also running the xpert 7701 with good results . They have good speed , good torque , are high voltage and REALLY waterproof (IP67 rated). It's important to note that stock servo arm isn't exactly a direct fit . I guess it's an extremely tight fit . I'm waiting to see what others come up with for this .

I see some people are able to bash the crap out of their Kraton repeatedly with all stock electronics and some people can't make it through a battery pack without burning $%^& up . I'm just finishing up a complete rebuild fresh out of the box .

It's also a good idea to shim the diffs (part # TD310475) and not a bad idea to replace the diff pins with hardened steel while you're in there. I used McMaster-Carr part # 3009a262 I tried 2.25MM from the same place and it just wouldn't fit properly. I'm not sure why.

I can't say one way or the other about that charger as i haven't used it but for less than $20 more you can get the HiTec X2 AC Plus which will do BOTH ac/dc with this adapter

I wish there were more videos on repairing and upgrading, Like I'm about to rip apart the front end to try and replace the steering bushing with bearings . Hint Hint @Thomas P :)

Keep up the good work !
That servo you suggest isn't waterproof ?
Thanks for catching that, I meant to link the Savox SW-1210SG. I've updated the post and also included a note about using an external BEC or glitch buster, I should have mentioned that from the start as well.

Great tips on the shimming and diff maintenance.

Upgrade mugen seiki this will fit kraton talion senton
Part # muge0151
Just bought a Kraton... Very excited. Got my daughter a Granite for Christmas for her to play with, something we could do outside. Find myself enjoying it as much (maybe more...) than she does. So now we can enjoy it together.

Love this thread... answered a lot of my questions. But now for some rather stupid, njuubi questions... I have a bit of money to spend, on both cars, and am looking to get the most bang for my buck. I've already ordered front/rear bumpers for both, from Tbone racing.

So, bearings. How do these affect the performance of my RC? What will upgraded ones, such as FastEddy's, do for me?

The new Kraton comes with an updated ESC, which is the primary reason I went with it over a Talion. Other than that, it was essentially a coin toss... But I have read a motor mount is a good upgrade to consider, while some seem to think it's not necessary. Since this is a Kraton thread I thought I would ask here. Should I buy the pretty red aluminum motor mount from ARRMA? Should my $21 be spent elsewhere?

Servo... I know I need to upgrade both, but spending $80 on each is a bit out of my price range for the moment. So, is there a huge difference between the fancy $80 servos mentioned, and the not-as-fancy $38 servo from Savox? I'm assuming either would be a substantial upgrade over the stock, both metal geared, etc...

Then pinion/gear sets... These weren't really discussed much from what I seen. And frankly, I don't know what they do. Remember... I'm new... and I don't know jack about cars/electronics to begin with. I did fix a toaster once. So, what would changing to a lower or higher gear set do for me? And are there any recommendations on which ones to get?

I'm hoping maybe answers to these questions will potentially help others not familiar with the hobby. I'm willing to take a bit of a beating, given my stupidity, but please don't be too mean.

I do appreciate anyone and everyone's help. Thank you so much. Really, really looking forward to getting in to the hobby and learning as much as I can. Maybe someday I can answer some questions.. in the meantime, if anyone needs help with a toaster....

Motor mount - the stock motor mount is the pretty red one. No need to upgrade.

Servos - the stock servo will probably be ok for a few runs, but plan on upgrading it. Look for a servo with more than 300oz-in / 25kg torque, and a speed of .15s or faster. The servo I am running in my kraton is $99 Savox SB-2270sg that makes 444oz-in and .13s, I think. My Talion, The servo is not quite as strong, but a lot faster - it is the ProTec 150T from About $120. Look for a steel gears or Ti gears. The $30 servos from the big names will be slow or weak or both, and have brass / aluminum / plastic gears. There are some budget servos over on, like the TS-910 for $35, that will work.

Along with the new servo, think of doing the DIY servo mount from this board. Link in Post #1 above.

Pinions - the truck should come with a 12t installed, and a 14t in the box. Drop in the 14t, and forget it. Unless you are a speed demon, the 14t will be great.
I'm going to order my first "serious" RC-car this weekend. I've decided for a Arrma Kraton V2.
My question is if the V2-model still needs this updates? I'm thinking about ESC, Servo and Bearings?
the esc on the v2 is fine . servo works great on mine too. never hurts to put some real bearings in ,but so far nothing but good reports on my v2 kraton . right out the box and to the field i went . might want to grab a hobbywing program card for the esc .
the esc on the v2 is fine . servo works great on mine too. never hurts to put some real bearings in ,but so far nothing but good reports on my v2 kraton . right out the box and to the field i went . might want to grab a hobbywing program card for the esc .

Okey, thank you for input:)

About the bearings.. I think that I can put some new in when the stock bearings breaks. Is that stupid? Can a broken bearing brake more stuffs then the actual bearing?