1. Dirtnasty92

    Change hub hexs to 17mm

    So thought about changing my senton blx 3s wheel hexs from 14mm to 17mm then putting on the senton 6s tires and rims probably alot stronger tire's cause for 6s right just my thought how about some opinions
  2. Max Attitude

    Nero wheels- looking for at least 1 stocker

    Hi guys, anyone have some stock Nero wheels they would part with? Tire condition doesn't matter as I'd like to mount something else on the stockers... I like the style and one of mine is stripped. Thanks
  3. AJ2u

    Advice on locking diff and wheels and tire combo

    Hi just received my Notorious /Outcast probably going to do a complete strip down as I always do on RTR. A few questions wheels and tires in the crawling world Beadlock and high grip in the world of bashing? Recommendations please also do any of you lock your diffs that's it for now I'm sure to...
  4. stuartd

    Question about dogbone / wheel movement

    I've had my Talion for around week and there's a bit of wheel wobble. When looking at that I noticed a couple of things that weer different between the front and raer of the car. At the front I'm able to push/pull each front wheel side to side and see the dogbone and input shaft cup move...
  5. C

    removing dboots tire from rim

    Hi there, SO I'm new etc, and today I tried for the first time to remove my tires from the rims... Someone here suggested me a heat gun, which I didn't have... so anw I went to buy one. It didn't work well at all for me, since the rim started to melt and the tire didn't want to go out... So I...
  6. [Associated Wheel Hex RC8T] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Associated Wheel Hex RC8T] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Hex extension for clearance to mount 2.8 wheels and better handling.
  7. LuBuDW6

    Granite Voltage New Rims

    Hello All, I've got some new rims
  8. Headbangerfacerip

    What tires are you running on your Arrma?

    This is just a thread to figure out the most popular tires on 1/8 scale monster trucks. Only reply if your running 3.8 's and they are NOT stock. Give a quick review of them also. Such as ballooning, grip in grass, sand, asphalt, etc. I will start; I run proline mashers. I wanted something for...
  9. leo248

    Wheels with offset ruined handling

    I recently bought some new wheels/tyres for my Talion. They are on road and have quite a lot of offset (about 1 inch?). They ruined the handling of my car, making it understeer all the time and the servo struggled to turn full lock. I am wondering if it is because of the offset on the wheels. I...
  10. Y

    Fazon wheels weight

    Hello, I'm trying to find out what is the weight of the stock Fazon wheels (dBoots Pincer) but couldnt find it anywhere. Does someone here that has one can check it please? Thanks in advance!
  11. rcdabbler

    Anyone ever try 2.8 wheels?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried mounting something like Pro-Line Super Swamper 2.8’s on F11(17mm version) rims on their Outcast. I sold my unbuilt Kraton V2 roller recently, and am now considering an Outcast roller, and I have some unused PL Swamper 2.8’s that could be cool. Wouldn’t it...
  12. Rpmspeedyblue

    Reaming the Outcast backflips

    Hole on Outcast tires are smaller. Had to ream them a tad bit to fit.
  13. W

    Looking for wheels with offset

    Im looking to get some different wheels and tires for my sons Vorteks. We need something that will work on our track better. Does anyone know the offset of the Vorteks wheels incase i find a good deal on used. I.e. associated, losi, kyosho......any other brands work? And if not do they make...
  14. ChadFury

    Mega Granite 4x4 wheel damage

    The front right tire flew off 2 min into my daughters first rum on Christmas Day! She was driving it through a yard cover in leaves. I think she might have hit a stump that was buried under the leaves. Now I can't get it back on. I lookef at the pdf of the exploded view. I took it apart and...
  15. Chandlerayotte


    Has anyone ever stripped one of these? I noticed my fazon upon acceleration was spinning out in one direction. After I looked I noticed it wasn't what I thought it'd be but instead the wheel ! Also I can't get one of the wheels off! lol I think maybe the hub pin is stuck in it but I've tried...
  16. S

    Will Pro-Line Slingshot fit on Kraton wheels

    I tried searching but didn't find anything. Will the Pro-Line Slingshot 3.8" http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXBFXH&P=7 all terrain MT tires fit on the stock Kraton wheels? If not I'm guessing these will fit...
  17. R

    Wheel nut recommendations

    Lost a wheel nut today. Found it, screwed it back on, tightened real well and lost it again permanently. Any recommendations for wheel nuts? I'm guessing they all pretty much the same, but maybe someone knows some good ones. Are you guys using any threadlock on them?
  18. P

    BLX No hex nuts available for V1 Kraton

    After 2 years of bashing, I finally needed to replace my hex nuts. Certain sets of tires would barely fit on because of the stripped hex threads. Only to find out that the 24.6 mm hex head has been discontinued by arrma. I must purchase new knuckles with the extended plastic piece to fit, thw...
  19. RcDaddy

    Talion wheel wobble

    I have had my talion just over a week and straight out the box two wheels wobble pretty good. Took it to my lhs they said its normal so i called arrma and they said a little wobble is normal so i don't know. Im not new to the hobby but i am new to 1/8th scale. Ive never had this much wobble so...
  20. B

    Wheel hub issues

    Hey guys, just got my brand new Nero, and just after taking a look at the build I was pretty damn impressed. It's the first new car I've bought in years, so as soon as I heard a loud clicking/grinding noise from the drivetrain I assumed it was a bad gear mesh. Long story short I pulled the...