1. AndreFFAnjos

    Kraton Kraton 4S V2 - Wheel alignment adjust

    Hi guys, Another noobie question… but today after disassemble my rear differential I noticed that my front wheels had become out of alignment on their own. You can see attach. The point is, to adjust i just need to tighten the axle, right?
  2. C

    Kraton Traxxas Wheels on 1/8 Kraton

    Hey all, So I recently got some traxxas paddle tires (supporting the enemy I know) for my 1/8 Kraton EXB and I realized that the inside of the hex on the wheel is keyed. Would it be safe to cut out the keyed parts so it will fit the regular 17mm hex or should I spend $20 for a set of traxxas...
  3. Robbbbbb66

    New tire option for mojave ?

    Found these tires online :https://methodrc.net/collections/arrma-1-7-mojave/products/terraform-all-terrain-belted-1-7-1-8th-short-course-tires-on-switch-17mm-hex-wheels-2pcs-not-glued Anyone had any experience with these tires on a mojave 6s v2 ?
  4. D

    Felony wobbling rear wheel

    Hi there, yesterday, I put new rear tires to the beast and I realized that, after adjusting camber, the rear right wheel wobbles a bit (see gif attached). How to get rid of it? Should I use a washer in the inner part? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Cirasa

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Mojave Green Wheels & Tires

    I bought an used EXB that came with these RTR wheels/tires. The previous owner ran these 5 times, I ran them once on the beach and once on grass. I bought a set of stock EXB wheels and I'm selling these to recoup some of the money. Plenty of tread left and hexes are in perfect shape. Thanks...
  6. stevebick

    Big Rock Big rock wobbly front wheel

    Hi all received my big rock 4 weeks ago, I noticed a wobble on front left wheel out of the box, have since done lots of grass bashing abc not noticed any issue, but tried a road speed run yesterday abc wobble does prevent straight line run, any ideas how to fix or what could be ? thanks
  7. sr925713

    Anyone ever 3d print tires (and have tested them)?

    I've been thinking about testing a few designs for a TPU print of my own tires for my outcast 6s, just for fun. PETG wheel with a TPU tire that attach to each other via M4x25mm bolts. I got the inspiration from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:526969 Probably won't work too well, but its...
  8. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave Mojave Wheels Are Back! (for now)

    Fellow Mojave bothers, I just got a notification earlier today saying the green and gun metal wheels are back in stock at hobbytown.com (Click Here). I went ahead and ordered a complete set for the EXB. Its treads are starting to get low and I don't want to either have to cutaway the body for...
  9. nextgenbeard

    Granite Wheel alignment issues with me granite mega

    I’m having some trouble with the wheel alignment of my granite Mega 4x4 I haven’t changed anything it’s factory but for some reason the back driver side wheel is a full half inch as eye while the passenger side is 3/8 askew aligned I am just wondering how I can fix this if there is any
  10. 20200101_204644.jpg


    My Notorious with stock Kraton 4s wheels and tires. Looks pretty awesome. Didnt think I would like it because of the smaller size, but like the look.
  11. 20200101_204623.jpg


    My Notorious with stock Kraton 4s wheels and tires. Looks pretty awesome. Didnt think I would like it because of the smaller size, but like the look.
  12. Warby

    Senton Senton mega wheel extensions?

    So I bought a set of SCT wheels for my son's Senton mega but found they have the wrong offset and foul up on the steering knuckle. My fault for not researching more before purchase. I have found these GPM hex extensions/adapter online but are there other options out there? I'm sure there are...
  13. A

    Senton Senton 3S wheels

    I am looking to run different wheels and tires on my senton. I absolutely hate glued wheels. I can change to 12mm hexes to run 1.9 beadlocks and tires. Would this have any effect on the truck.
  14. Typhon....... The other way?

    Typhon....... The other way?

    Different wheel configuration.....
  15. E

    Typhon V4 GRP advice

    I’m after a set of GRP’s for my Typhon, road racing and not speed runs. Loved them on an XO-1 I had a go with but unsure of compound and they were the 1/5 scale so had the square hub adaptors. Now for my use which compound would you advise? And as I’m not speed running would you go 1/5 with...
  16. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Pinion wheel

    I was looking at the pinion wheel and found it like this. It seems to have a little offset. Is this normal? And if it is, is it better in terms of efficiency and lifespan?
  17. ManhattanRC

    Typhon Bob Smith tire glue saves the day!

    So I took my kids to a park today after tuning up the Typhon to get ready for the spring season. Punch set to 9, 6s lipo, wheelie bar, and a brand new set of duratrax bandito C3s to go ahead and rip it up. I live in Manhattan, so it didn't take long for the crowd of people together and watch me...
  18. Don mercier

    I put too much glue on my tire

    I learn the hard way every time... I glued my own tires on and i put too much glue on, part of the rim came off with the rubber. So frustrated
  19. KevBar40

    Kraton The Wheels! Someone comment about the wheels please!

    I love that the V4 Kraton is out and that many of you have purchased this fine vehicle. I’ve been following all of the threads but have noticed very little have said anything about the Copperhead 2 wheels that is comes with. Everything seems to be focused on the radio giving issues. I own a V2...
  20. JuacoCE1

    Granite Granite BLX 3S wheels question.

    i just got my granite a couple of weeks ago and i was wondering what other wheels/tires you guys are using on the granite. I like the stock ones but i don't have that much dirt/grass areas to run my car and i want to get some all terrain/road tires set up for it. And is there anything i have to...