Arrma mega brushed ESC (AR390030)

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Hey guys and gals. I have just purchased a arrma mega brushed esc for my custom crawler I have been working on. Once all together an running I noticed my motor was overheating. Esc is in wrong battery mode but I can not get the esc into program mode. Any help would be very much appreciated!
My set up is- a rc4wd 35t motor on 2s Lipo 1/10 scale crawler running 2.2 tires, with spektrum sr310 2.4ghz receiver and a 2.4ghz 2channel Spektrum DX2E transmitter
For anyone landing at this older forum link searching for instructions on programming the "Mega 390030" or "Mega AR390030", I have provided the correct information by way of a screenshot of the Mega 390030 ESC settings using the programming button located on the power switch.
There are no jumpers on the Mega 390030 brushed ESC...

Settings include:
1.) Reverse Speed.
2.) Punch.
3.) Drag Brake.
4.) Battery Mode.

70a constant output.
Brushed motor operation.
Battery options are 7.4v
Li-Po, 6.6v Li-Fe, & 7.2v Ni-Mh with a minimum of 7c.
Motor Limit: 15T 540 size. Continuous Current: 70A.
Peak Current: 500A.
Peak Reverse Current: 100A.
BEC: 5V/1A (Max 1.5A).

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