Castle Creations Mamba X & 1415 combo - curiously cheap combo - Amazon canada

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A bit of a PSA about a VERY low price for Castle creations Mamba x & 1415 2400kv combo.

On Amazon Canada the price is 254$ which looks to be at least 150$ than anywhere else. Also Amazon is the seller, not some sketchy 3rd party.

I have zero need for another ESC, but shopping for a strong 36mm motor. I ended up buying because inventory count was getting low I think was 5 yesterday and this morning was only 3 so bought one.

Leaves two left. I REALLY suspect price will be normal once sold out / doubt they'll even restock it (Amazon is the seller as well, also feels funny to say it's on amazon and sold by amazon lol)

Kind of same situation with some Pro-Line tires on there as well, looks like they're listing at USD price, but in Canadian.

for example I got Pro-line 3.8 Trenchers for just over 100$ CAD (for the two pairs). Not all are priced like that, but a few are.

And same for Axial SCX6, they had/have a couple models listed at 1,099 CAD
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