High voltage disaster strikes

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Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not!

I met the last category yesterday.

My son's Fury BL roller has a high voltage servo. So I added a HV circuit to the car, bypassing both the receiver and ESC.

Bashing and racing creates a lot of stress to the car. One of the electric wires insulation must have been stripped off by a rock or something.

When I attached the battery to the car, it was smoke all over the place!
I quickly pulled out the connectors off the battery (2S, fully charged), but I did not need to since the solder already got so hot that it detached the connectors by itself :confused:

Damage report:

- Savöx HV waterproof servo burned
- HV circuit burned
- receiver cable from ESC completely burned

The receiver looked undamaged. I opened the casing to view the circuit board. I have to test that still...

The ESC looks okay, besides the fact I have to install a new receiver connector.

So I new servo has to be ordered, and I am thinking of buying a new ESC.

One thing for sure: no more HV circuit. For me too much risk.

And the hardcase lipo has survived thank god :p
Damn that sucks....
Good luck getting it up and running again.
Hope your son wasnt scared to much when it happened.
My little daughter is already scared when i start driving my kraton lol, let stand it burns out on me.

Maybe you can get a warranty claim on some of the parts?
Damn that sucks....
Maybe you can get a warranty claim on some of the parts?

No, I am afraid this one will not.
The Savox was perfect.

I am looking for a more expensive ESC, because the Savox needs at least 2.0A to work properly.
The current (non Arrma) ESC only delivered 1,0A. So that is why I installed the high voltage circuitry.
They are powerful, but need enough amps to make the wheels turn.

Quite hard to find a good replacement with at least 80A of output...
I still had the ESC + motor combo of the MEGA lying around.
This gave me the opportunity to test if the receiver still worked.

At least the ESC still works with the receiver.
And so does an old futaba servo (S3000) in the STR port of the receiver.

Just ordered a:

- Savox SW-0230MG
- Tenshock EX-4 120A ESC
- 12AWG wire for new battery leads (hard pack lipo)
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