Kraton I would love to see everyone's new EXB 6s

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No issues, firmware was updated out of the box, controller had a song that sounded like the theme song from Stranger Things when I first turned it on. Can’t duplicate it, but it was awesome!
😩😩😩😩😩,can't wait for my LHS have their delivery next week,mine will be a few runs and look at it every day,too pretty to damage, Blessings for u all out there🤝🙏
Update here LHS call me today rigth after Church,pick up this beutty.yup don't know keep thise tires or Backflips I got brand new and yea i have 2 K6 XL and a regular K6 all different way put togetherbut all whit HW combos,anyways I love it,bless u guys all out there


love these so much, debating between this and waiting for a stunt truck noto/OC exb
You think it really even needs a $$M2C$$ chassis out the gate? The added weight and all? Let the Stocker EXB chassis fold first. See if it even will.
This new one is all beefed up out the box. With alloy bulkheads and the new T2-Center diff bracing setup, etc. See what she can handle in stock form. :unsure:
I can understand many want more power than the stocker electrics. I get that. But I'm good with my stock 6s electrics so far in my V4. All I did was add Alloy braces and use CF over the T2T for the most part. I don't fold my stocker chassis any more.
Too bad it no longer comes as a roller. (n)Would make it more practical for so many. I only use my upgrade radios and would gladly throw in some HW gear and my favorite servo.
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I still rocking the Stock electronics on my Mojo,but the K6,all of them have HW combos but the new exb will.keep the stock because is to pretty
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