Infraction Infraction 6s v2 - Couple of body options

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Just wanted to show a few pics of different bodies for the Infraction 6s if you are on the fence about trying one out.

First one is a 2022 ProLine Protoform Mustang. My son bought me this for Christmas and I was hesitant to even try to cut, trim paint and all that as I have never done it before. I just used Black Tamaya paint and trimmed the best I could. I ran out of the black paint and had some gunmetal colored spray paint from an engine rebuild years ago for the spoiler. The wheels are Hoons. 42/100 in front and 52/100 in the rear. I had to trim a bit more in the rear due to the wider wheels.

Second one is the Skyline R34. This body comes already complete. Painted and cut. Just mount the included spoiler. Body seems mounted too high but its because I have the side air dams on the chassis and I cant get the body any lower unless I take those side dams off. Wheels are the ProLine Toyo Proxies 42/100

I am new to the hobby and know I probably could have done a better detailed job on the Mustang, but I like simple and sleek. Plus I own two, s550 Mustangs (2015 GT & 2019 Supercharged GT350) that are all black so I thought.....what the heck.






They look great, and welcome. Did you change the gearing in the rear to accommodate the wider tires. 53/107
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