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Just picked mine up today, a Arrma Nero with diff brain! Thing is crazy fun, son loves it. Puts my 5th scale gas to shame, no parts broken, did some crazy stuff with it on purpose and by accident. Awesome...most awesome RC I have ever owned. I started RC like everybody else in the 80s...2 rc10s, 2 RC10L's, 2 Dromida SC 418s, 1 RC10B2, 1 HPI Baja - this freaking Nero tops them all in my book!

I hope they come out with upgrades for the rod ends...that's a bit of a disappointment...guess I will be needing to order them in bulk...Aussie Rc youtube channel had the same issue...
first thing on the list to do...was too excited to think about it...will be sure to take one this weekend across the holidays. ..will make several vids...with phone...so hope it can upload..otherwise may do drop box link or something. ..planning on setting up obstacles. ..and do different things with each mode...the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry...will catch it on video either way...
just did another run...this thing (NERO) is really easy to drive. ..get in a groove so you can straighten the truck out after a turn and do a low controlled wheelie down the straight...very few back flips this time...am I getting use to the power of 6s?...is it time to go outlaw and make mods to do 8s?...thats just silly talk!..this thing is plenty of a beast and quite nimble for 13 lbs...no doubt...

is it just me or could you imagine a class of monster trucks racing?..would be very nice to see...not that I am a good driver...but no problems over clearing jumps...thing would be at home on a bike track....

hmmmm...this is my first arrma vehicle ..and I have no reservations about getting more...after I do an elec conversion to my 5th scale....I'm thinking on the typhon....and try my hand at some local races....

The tracks around where I live used to have 1/8 scale monster truck racing, that is until a lawsuit was brought against one of the track owners, because of a run away monster truck during a race. After that all of the tracks cut that class out, and I had just gotten a HPI Savage SS during the winter to race in the upcoming season. I got a pretty mad when I found that out, almost $600.00 down the drain.
lawsuits...here we go...I should just invest in a one piece suit...v front...space age style...and exercise in preparation for a Logans Run future....oh wait!..I am already too old!...
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