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I have an extra chassis, shock towers, diff CA and lots of extra parts here and there. I am going to build a custom kraton. Kraton chassis is the start have and going to start with arrma differential all around. Hopefully I will have this thing together by winter.

Thanks for the look, keep an eye on the build might turn it into a crawler....
OK another part for my custom build is here in the mail. Carbon fiber shock towers wing mount blanks and chassis braces. Getting my garage ready and a few more parts and the build starts!
Here is the picture


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A friend I met on a forum, nice guy not a commercial type person someone who has a kraton and needed to modify and strengthen the kraton.I was just lucky to have met him and get a set.
I have to do some work on the blanks but it is what one has to do to help make the kraton a monster into a absolute beast...
OK new garage almost moved into, waiting on my esc to come back from Castle creations. The build and pictures soon to come.

First on the list is to get carbon fiber blanks sanded and drilled.
OK sorry times have been tough here but..
First start on getting the primary kraton together.
Got my carbon fiber front shock tower on the diff case. Took a little tuning but on and next will be the rear. Then drill the wing mount and put on.


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OK things have settled down a bit, I put in a few hours on my primary kraton. most stock but a few changes. carbon fiber shock towers, mm2,I am using a 2k ripper motor. 100k center differential and straight cut front and rear diffs.

trenchers and 40 series proline beadlocks
primary kraton done and tested it works. will be taking it on a 4s pack run tomorrow after work.

100k weight in the center differential
carbon fiber front and rear shock towers.
40 series proline beadlock wheels
trencher tires
straight cut front and back diffs (instead of the spiral cut)
mm2 with the 2000k ripper motor
savox servo
not in pics a dusty cover


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