Nero out of order less than 10 packs later

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middle of nowhere
Arrma RC's
  1. Nero
Bashing session this morning but only 5 mn later.
I stop the car the time to discuss with a guy, 2 mn.
When I want to run, the Nero do not want.
No more, steering, no more esc running, and esc flash quickly red.
On-off-on :
- 1 quick red flash
- 1 quick green flash
- and red flashing quick.

I took a look to the receiver box.
I found it unglued inside the box, no light on.

Coming back, and now :

- esc flash green and no more continue red flashing. But no more esc running or steering.

When the car is on, does the receiver schould have a green light on ?
On my other rc I have a green light (confirm link)

Some body can confirm ?

I suspect that the receiver break down.
Re link receiver

Shut truck off then hold receiver link button in. While holding in turn truck on receiver should blink then release button.
I tried.
Nothing changed. Now the esc make a red-green-flash and red contineously flash.
The reciver stays dark.
It's like if you switch on the car without the transmitter on. :mad:
Do you can spend the receiver separate power? I mean disconnecting the ESC and plug a battery to the RX and see what happens.
It could be that the ESC do not give the power to the receiver.
Do you can measure the voltage at the cable (plus and minus) from the unplugged ESC?
Than you will know if the ESC or the RX was died... Maybe just a loose connector if you will have luck.
@ the exit of the ESC i have this value.

at the cable I have 0 v.

The receiver is not powered. The cable and connector looks good.
It seems my ESC continue to keep being nasting me.

Not looks good...

Can I put 7.4 v to power on and check receiver ?
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White is the ppm signal wicht the receiver gives to the ESC. It has nothing to do with to give power to the RX.
You have just to measure between black (minus) and red (plus) after switching on you´re ESC.
After switching on you should measure between 6 and 7.2V Not sure if the Nero has high voltage output.
I think it will be 6V. If you can´t measure these voltages, it seams to be that the ESC is dead.

But, I´m not sure,... I think there was an issue like you´res in the past. Maybe you will find it in the forum.
And, if I remember correctly, in that case Arrma changed the ESC on warranty.

Ok, ESC is definitly dead. One more...

I tried to test the receiver on my buggy, with Dragon Rc electronics (Hobbywing).
Impossilbe to pair the Arrma transmiter/receiver, why ?
? why pairing? normally I would expect that the RX is already paired to the transmitter!
No kidding, do you checked the direction of the plug? Do you have any action on the RX when you switch on the ESC?
Do you follow the steps which are described into the manual?
Here is a separate manual for the RX


  • tacl0325-manual.pdf
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On my Nero is R326 not R325 and I didn't found my reference on Tactic website.
The link process is a little different on my Nero manual. But if I follow accuratly the instructions it doesn't work too.
I can obtain the red light on, but the esc of my buggy sill flashing red and no gaz or steering.


here the video link :
Do you have a difxbrain? If so unplug the ESC from the brain board and connect them direct to the RX.
Also disconnect the other plug from the diff brain to prevent that this board influence the test.
I have something found about the transmitter...


  • TACJ0300_TTX300_DE_WEB.pdf
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Thanks, I sent all electronics to Arrma Europe last week.
As said the ESC doen't power the receiver any more and for the receiver I can not use it on my buggy.
Perahps, I have a radio problem too.
But for your question, i have not a diff. brain yet.
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