Pro-line badlands mx38 nasty wheel hop

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Hey guys I am new to the performance rc hobby and bought an Kraton all was well after a while I wanted more traction got some stiffer center diff oil the e-revo 20 mill and that really livened up the Kraton. Noticed the stock Kraton tires were getting worn out and had popped a couple of beads bought some badlands mx38 and they were awesome out of the box(bag) ran it through some standing water and then noticed a nasty wheel hop the next day. from what I can figure must have gotten water inside through the vent holes in the rims any ideas on how to correct this wait for them to dry? seal the rims and vent the tires as many guys have done? thanks for all of your wisdom thanks in advance
Try punching some small holes in the tire itself and sealing the holes in the rims because they just let dirt in and I haven’t heard of any good reasons why you shouldn’t seal the rims. But having the rim holes open let’s the tires dry out better but to me it’s not really worth it to get gravel or dirt in there and besides having the rim sealed won’t let as much water get in.
thanks that's kind of what I thought from reading around this site. what would you say just drill them. melt em with soldering iron is that even necessary what size of holes
I would say less than 1/8” (3mm) hole most people use a leather punch before they glue them. I always forget to hole punch them so I always end up using a dremel with a dull bit to burn a hole through with friction because it’s a clean hole and isn’t as likely to start a tear. Drilling it out usually rips out some of the tire foam when it goes through and could rip the tire I would avoid it. A soldering iron may work but it’ll be stinky.
You can get a small length of copper pipe 1/4” od and sharpen the end than put it in you cordless drill. It will make a nice 1/8-3/16” hole in premounted tires. Have fun!
badlands mx3.8's suck for me... That was the worst rc investment i made to date... They are too big to bash, they wobble and they only have traction on clay type surfaces in my experience.
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