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Here is a quick intro to project monster typhon.


On top is a typhon roller with Kraton hubs and cvd axles and 17mm hubs all the way around. The arms and all dog bones are from the typhon.

The wheels are OFNA monster pirate/ titan and the tires are RC4WD Rumbles for clod buster. The ofna wheels are very difficult to find, but 17mm wheels are available now that clod monster trucks are cool again ;) I believe JConcepts has some wide-offset that should work.
Here are more photos:


Here you can see the deep offset of the monster pirate wheel.

When the project is done it will look very similar to my other monster buggy. The wheelbase is the same as the Typhon. With the kraton axles and hubs it will be wider, of course with the ARRMA drive line this things will be bullet proof.

I'll be working on body mounting next. I've got a collection of shock tower parts from the outcast, senton and NERO big rock that will eventually be transformed into some body mounting posts for the monster truck body. Any body that will work on E-maxx, Revo, 12-13 wheelbase will fit on the truck
More progress on the body mounts. These are for the Senton. Some grinding and cutting has been required both of the shock tower and the body mounts to get everything to line up.

On the rear I had to grind off some of the "ears" from the typhon shock tower and re-drill hole to align with the shock location.


I added the kraton body support ( more to be done on that) and body mounts from the Outcast because the Senton body post where to wide and body post would have ended outside the rear bed of the body.


Temps are dropping in the garage so project is slowing down a little. Next up is adding the electronics.
That's totally cool! I'm glad you can swap so many parts with these Arrma rigs. I'd been thinking about doing my project for some time, but getting the Outcast and Kraton kept me busy. I'm excited to try my sons truggified Typhon, but big storm again in NorCal. Thomas P. 's vid and recent bash session with all vehicles were the final imputis to getter done. Have a feeling the platform will be a really fun and super tough basher.
Well the outcast upgraded battery tray is in. Had to do some mods on the chassis and the battery box but it is in!!!

As you can see the typhon chassis is missing 2 counter sunk holes for 2.5mm screws and 2 pilot holes for the battery tray to fit into.

Those 4 holes are for the bottom 4 features just above the battery strap.

I ended up grinding down the holes for the bosses and converted them into a pin-screw arrangement. I thought the holesame where too close to do counter sinks on all 4 holes.

That's a shot from the top of the chassis showing the 4 new holes that I added to properly mount up the battery box.

That's the counter sink bit that I used. I ordered it online and matches the pitch on the counter sink screws. It actually is imperical, but it's close enough for government work ;) in a pinch you can use a metal 1/4 drill bit, bits made for wood have a very aggressive cutting edge and will get hung up on aluminum , but metal cutting drill bit work best. Go in slow and very carefully or you can bugger up your chassis.

That's a shot of the pin-screw that I used. I made 3mm threads on the chassis for the pin-screw to engage in.

That's the money shot there. It showseems that 4 extra fasteners that you need to use to properly anchor the upgraded outcast battery box into the typhon chassis.
Nitroman2000 good to see someone that's not afraid to use tools and apply metal working skills to adapt and overcome. I really enjoy modding and fabbing stuff also. Great work! Your taking it all the way. The new box is quite sweet. Yours will likely be better secured then stock setup.
Nitroman 2000, got to test run and launch my Typhon Truggified upgrade project for my son's rig, was really impressed with the platform, will post vid shortly, what a little Beast on 6s, super fast and great handling, great in air control with jumps. He's going to totally dig it, like a whole new rig.
The conversion continues...I was planning on adding the electronics from the 835e but the 4-pole 4075 motor was only tapped for 3mm screws. So I went with a Turnigy 4-pole motor, I think it 4070. I've used the same type on another 1/8 with good results so that's what I'm going with.

The ESC is a duratrax branded hobbywing waterproof sc8 4S ESC. The cool thing about the ESC is that it is fully program programmable. Steering servo is Aerostar ASI-615mg it has good reviews and on paper has slightly better specs than the ARRMA 15M. We will see about that. I've had good luck with the servo in my Outcast, slow but it can turn those tires and get the job done.

So the monster conversion continues. I did some hacking to the typhon wing and was able to mount the body. Ended up moving the body to the front to make room for the wing. The wheely bar is a must for the monster truck as long as it looks good.
Added some paint to the body post and it worked like a charm. It was easy to locate the spots to drill the new holes on the body.

I did trim the body around the wheely bar but it was not too excessive. These 1/8 cars are heavy and if you land on the rear of the body it will not last very long. The wheely bar and wing will protect the body.

The body is for HPI E-savage (the original smaller wheelbase from hotbodies) not the larger E-Savage Flux on that was the last HPI e-truck that was based on the nitro xl platform.

I just took this thing for a shake down run up and down the street. ESC is still at default values, so it has plenty of punch and timing buit-in. The full package runs great. Loves to pops those wheelys when you get aggressive on the throttle. Now I'm really happy I went the extra trouble of keeping the wheely-bar and the wing.
One of the tires decided it did not like the rim, so will have to re-glue that side again. I was not very carefully with the glue job the first time...
The screw on the steering arm also got loose. Overall it was a great project. I can't wait to get all the little details completed so I can take it to my bashing spot and see how it handles in the dirt and on jumps.
The beast fouggt against a manhole cover. Took some serious air and landed right in the edge of the chassis...
A little dremel work on the edge of the chassis I replaced the front suspension brace above and it was all good to go. I checked the suspension pin and it was fine. With the monster truck tires this thing gets alot of airtime even on little jumps it just seems to want to fly.
I had an unplanned visit to the car wash.
I run in a construction site and literally drove the thing right into a pond. Car was a little far out and miss judged the turn. Thank the Lord for waterproof electronics. I dried it out running wheelies up and down the road ;)

Upgraded the wheelyear bar with bearings these are 5x10 like the old kyosho cars used to have.
Nice build man. Currently sourcing kraton parts to do a similar project with my typhon, your posts have some good info and pictures, especially re: body mounting, keep it up!
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