Talion Upgrades ordered....

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Arrma RC's
  1. Talion
In my quest for a little more speed other than my current 61mph.

SRC Belted Terrain Crusher

46t Spur

I run the same spur/pinion and hit exactly 61mph on only 4s. Definitely should get some nice speeds on 6s with it.
I got 73.8 mph with that gear ratio and 6s and src roadchrushers. They don't ballon and are great for truggy and monster trucks looking for high speed
hey my servo just gave out on my talion does any one know if its under warranty beside that i really want to upgrade it does can someone help me out by giving me ideas on good servos out there that are better then the stock version
Anybody has a video of those SRC belted tires mounted to Talion ?
I would love to see some high speed runs. I think i want those tires but maybe street version ?
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