drive train

  1. X

    Big Rock GPMRacing - Wheel Driveshafts

    It looks like GPM has a new CVD wheel driveshaft option for the Granite and BigRock. To the best of my knowledge, the only previous option was the HR version which has mixed reviews and is NOT a cheap option. Here are the new GPM options, I couldn't find these in the US: Big Rock...
  2. RC Surfer

    Granite Drive shafts broke again!

    What would cause front and rear drive links to keep popping off the u joint!? It’s happen 3 times now and have to keep replacing them. Seems like I have a wheel or something out out balance. Any tips or tricks?
  3. dwblue00

    Outcast Ceramic bearings in drivetrain

    Ok.....would it be detrimental to use ceramic bearings in the driveline of the outcast? I'm talking about using them strictly for the front, center, rear diffs and ring and pinions. Can they withstand the abuse. I would use steel bearings at the wheels.
  4. Crispy117

    CV shaft upgrade for Mega/BLS/BLX?

    Hi, I have a '13 model Mojave Mega with; Pro line shocks Louise tyres 5400Kv brushless motor 60A ESC 3 cell 4000mah battery '14 spec BLX metal gear gearbox and rear end Yeti slipper clutch gear 54 tooth And a few other small mods I've finally blown up my first metal gearbox (after destroying 4...
  5. Justin mcconnal

    Sparks from bottom of Outcast

    Is the outcast supposed to spark in the drive train,last night I seen sparks coming from the bottom
  6. L

    Kraton Loud cracking sound when applying heavy brake or full throttle

    Whenever I apply a heavy brake, throw it in reverse full throttle, or pin the throttle from a standstill, I hear a loud singular cracking/snapping noise and it seems to be coming from around the centre diff. I checked the rear and centre diff and they are both perfectly fine I'm worried it...
  7. S

    Granite Dirty power module

    So I've had the Granite since February and put a 3800kv system in a couple months ago. For the most part I have no complaints, one broken input shaft and a broken slipper hub the other day, I'm only running 2s and it's a blast. Yesterday my fears were confirmed however; I noticed every time I...
  8. 2

    Kraton How did I bend BOTH F/R driveshafts?

    Anyone ever bend BOTH front AND rear drive shafts in 1 bash??? How??? Does the body flex that much??? Will aluminum body braces prevent this??? Darn 6s battery is going to cost me some parts! :)
  9. Chandlerayotte


    Has anyone ever stripped one of these? I noticed my fazon upon acceleration was spinning out in one direction. After I looked I noticed it wasn't what I thought it'd be but instead the wheel ! Also I can't get one of the wheels off! lol I think maybe the hub pin is stuck in it but I've tried...
  10. A

    Kraton screaming during acceleration

    I have an orig kraton, i just got back into it after 2 yrs and when i use it, the car screams and it seems as though the acceleration is quite laggy, i stopped using it after about a min and am not sure where to start looking
  11. thatyellowjeepguy

    Outcast Bent front driveshaft....

    where are y'all finding a replacement?
  12. RCMANIAC147

    Hot racing driveshafts for the nero worth it?

    I've been breaking my neros driveshafts (outdrives and wheelaxles) and I noticed hotracing has two different drive shaft upgrades for the nero, the CV splined nero driveshafts, and CV steel slider driveshafts. I was wondering if anyone has had either of these before, and if so if they would...
  13. mansour545

    Fazon out of the box disaster!! Your opinion is needed

    Please note!: all issues have been fixed by Arrma support and this post is an experience told no more. hi guys.. I have bought the Fazon a week ago and had no fun with it since then. First after unboxing it I connected my 6S lipos and tried it in air just ti see how much the tires would...
  14. HobbyTownArrma

    I keep snapping the driveshaft end locking pins on my Nero

    Ive driven my Nero countless times without snapping them, how can I fix it so they stop snapping?
  15. Tony R

    locked driveshaft

    Not sure if there's another thread for this but i'm having a difficult time with the front drive-train/steering on my talion. I realize it may be my fault partly, but whats goin on is if the pillow balls are screwed in all the way even with the stock spacers on the arms soon as you turn left or...
  16. jryanfallon

    Dogbones on Arrma Fury

    Hey guys, anyone try finding something to switch out the dogbones to a cvd on the wheel side... i am round out axels like crazy.
  17. J

    rear alignment

    Hey there. New to the forum, just purchased my arrma granite 1/10 brushed monster truck and i love it! Already planning some upgrades. My question is this. The rear wheel plane seems to point significantly inward. Is this normal? Thanks for your help