1. Luke66

    Vendetta Best budget tire.

    im looking for a tire/wheel combo thats a little better priced (i don't want to spend 60$) long tire wear would be sweet too. the vendetta tires are around 80mm. i cant seem to find any good alternatives to the stock Hoons.
  2. Theofanis

    Kraton Wheel wobble and creak from suspensions

    Hello there! I encountered the following issues with my kraton and I am sending you 2 videos, in the first one, as you can see, the rear right wheel seems to go a little right to left when it turns... I checked the tire, it is very well glued, and with my hand if I move the wheel to the right...
  3. sandals100

    Talion Talion EXB Pinion vs Tire choice

    Hi All, Wanting to suss out some new tire options for my Talion EXB. Still using stock electronics however currently have an 18T pinion on it and dual fans, I've chewed through the stock Katar's and want to go into something that would work better for bashing (more cushion etc). With tires...
  4. Cirasa

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Mojave Green Wheels & Tires

    I bought an used EXB that came with these RTR wheels/tires. The previous owner ran these 5 times, I ran them once on the beach and once on grass. I bought a set of stock EXB wheels and I'm selling these to recoup some of the money. Plenty of tread left and hexes are in perfect shape. Thanks...
  5. S

    Granite Replacement parts that don't cost as much as the car?

    I got this last Black Friday. It's been a fantastic little truck. I use the truck to get my 1 year old dog some much needed exercise. I'll drive the truck around the cul-de-sac and my dog goes nuts. He chases it until the battery runs dead and during that time the truck gets stepped on, flipped...
  6. Best Tires for the ARRMA Notorious

    Best Tires for the ARRMA Notorious

  7. sr925713

    Anyone ever 3d print tires (and have tested them)?

    I've been thinking about testing a few designs for a TPU print of my own tires for my outcast 6s, just for fun. PETG wheel with a TPU tire that attach to each other via M4x25mm bolts. I got the inspiration from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:526969 Probably won't work too well, but its...
  8. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave Mojave Wheels Are Back! (for now)

    Fellow Mojave bothers, I just got a notification earlier today saying the green and gun metal wheels are back in stock at hobbytown.com (Click Here). I went ahead and ordered a complete set for the EXB. Its treads are starting to get low and I don't want to either have to cutaway the body for...
  9. JtkBrew

    Venting placement question.

    This is not a "Should I vent?" or "What method should I use to vent?" thread. I am choosing to vent my new tires, and I have my method of choice. My question is where to place the holes. These are the Backflip LP thires. I was going to do 2 holes 180 degrees apart. My real question is do you...
  10. ManhattanRC

    Typhon Bob Smith tire glue saves the day!

    So I took my kids to a park today after tuning up the Typhon to get ready for the spring season. Punch set to 9, 6s lipo, wheelie bar, and a brand new set of duratrax bandito C3s to go ahead and rip it up. I live in Manhattan, so it didn't take long for the crowd of people together and watch me...
  11. slick2500

    Making tire foams?

    I have a set of 2.8 Lockup MTs and a set of the HSP Fangs off the Redcat Earthquake and rather than try to source new foams for them I wanted to try to make some. Now my questions are has anyone else tried this? What kind of foam did you use or have you had good luck with? I remembered seeing a...
  12. Don mercier

    I put too much glue on my tire

    I learn the hard way every time... I glued my own tires on and i put too much glue on, part of the rim came off with the rubber. So frustrated
  13. K

    Duratrax 3.8 Lockups or Six Packs on Typhon and Kraton, what is your thought or experience?

    I have both a kraton and typhon V3 ordered. I’m building both of them fairly extensively. I’ve had several Erevos over the course of 7 years and I’m switching to Arrma after a lot of research and my disappointment with the Erevo 2.0. Anyway, what is your experience with the Duratrax 3.8 tires...
  14. Saltystevo

    Backflip tires

    Where can i buy outcast backflip tires for my kraton at a good price? And do they come without the rims ? Thanks guys
  15. M

    Giant Firestorm Tires

    I bought these giant Jconcepts Firestorm tires for my Axial MT but I gotta mount them myself. I got the tribute wheels to go along but I've never done this before, all my tires have been pre-mounted and ready to go. I don't want to mess up and ruin these expensive tires. I've been doing some...
  16. godfella691981

    Granite 3S BLX Stock Tires

    So today I made a trip to my LHS. I was looking for a Brute body for my Granite but they didn't have one. So I was looking at a set of the stock tires and wheels on the shelf and noticed that they are a LOT softer then the wheels and tires that come from the factory on a Granite, even the shop...
  17. cesarem008

    What tire do you recommend senton 6s

    Since I got my senton 6s blx new I've been having trouble finding the right tire I have the stock ones those only lasted a couple of runs before they ballooned and ripped of I got some duratrax banditos and those got unglued and currently I have some duratrax lockups that seem to be holding up...
  18. Finfan88

    Talion Got news shoes

  19. The last Nero

    Senton Paddle tires for 6s senton?

    Has anyone found a good paddle tire for the 6s senton?
  20. Dirtnasty92

    Change hub hexs to 17mm

    So thought about changing my senton blx 3s wheel hexs from 14mm to 17mm then putting on the senton 6s tires and rims probably alot stronger tire's cause for 6s right just my thought how about some opinions