1. Alexschuster18

    Traxxas X-maxx opinion

    OK I understand this is the kraton forum, I own one and love it. The reason im posting this on arrma forum is to get opinions from people who are not total fan boys of traxxas and own many rc cars from different manufactures. I really want to know what owners think of the xmaxx and if they...
  2. Z

    Anyone else have a Traxxas Rustler?

    So... I am fairly new to this crazy hobby. Bought a Stampede 4X4 VXL used locally with some nice upgrades on it. Promptly smashed it up within 5 minutes of its first drive. Bought the parts I needed to fix it and found I enjoyed repairing the thing. Decided to buy another 2 RCs used. One was...
  3. WildP1

    Arrma Trophy Truck

    Does anybody know if Arrma will release a Trophy Truck similar to the new Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer? I would really like to have an rc trophy truck but the Traxxas one doesn't seem to be really sturdy.
  4. Steveoarrma517

    Xmaxx baby

  5. 3wheelertech

    A Good Second RC?

    What’s the best second car to the Arrma Kraton? I Love the Kraton! It’s a great basher, just looking for a second car that will also be fun. Don’t scold me, but I’m thinking about getting a Traxxas Rustler for a second basher that different 2wd stadium struck ya know!
  6. Nero678

    Proline xmaxx bead lockers.

    Would the proline bead lockers for the xmaxx fit a Nero?
  7. Rcnerd

    Best Arrma YouTube videos!

    Hi guys- I currently own an 2018 Arrma Kraton and my buddies all Just bought Kraton's and Talions. Just started a YouTube channel and posted my first video which can be found here: Would love to see your bashing videos so post here!
  8. mrfurious40k

    Not ARRMA but this is so cool!

  9. WoodiE

    What other RC's do you have?

    List or show us what other RC's you guys have! Here are some other RC's that I own: Tamiya Chevy S-10 (the orginial scale RC ;) ) Tamiya Lunchbox Traxxas Stampede 4x4 Traxxas Stampede Associated Monster GT A few others on my wish list is a Losi 5ive-T or DBXL, ECX Ruckus, Savage Flux, and a...
  10. RC Pimp

    Talion VS Slash 4x4 bash :)

    Talion VS Slash platinum 4x4 bash and jumps too much fun with silly toys :)
  11. M

    Can I use Traxxas carriers on Granite?

    Is there away to use Traxxas bearing carriers on the Granite BLX my son breaks his a lot, wanting to go to aluminum.
  12. S

    How to calibrate esc with traxxas tqi radio and receiver

    Is this doable I can't get any motor to work. Only steering does. Are there instruction to program the esc ? Can't find any anywhere ?
  13. TheJoker

    Traxxas price increase

    Traxxas announced a 12% price increase in Netherlands and Belgium so i expect it will count for the rest of europe and propably the world too. That means they get even more overpriced. I was interested in an traxxas xmaxx but when its getting even more expensive its not worth the money anymore imo
  14. Rlduling3

    Do Traxxas Rustler shocks for Vorteks??

    I keep popping off the cheap Vorteks Mega shocks. I want upgrades for both my kids' Vorteks. Will Traxxas Rustler shocks fit? Or any tougher suggestions?
  15. Bobster560

    traxxas big bores on my arrma vorteks

    Arrma shocks kept braking, the caps were weak and would pop off. I did not know what shocks to get for it. I saw someone put them on a granite. It worked on my Vorteks mega to. If you want to do it the part number is 5862.
  16. N

    Traxxas TQI radio

    Has anybody tried the new traxxas TQI remote with an Arrma?
  17. WoodiE

    Traxxas X-Maxx brushless monster truck

    Traxxas just announced their newest and largest monster truck yet, the Traxxas X-MAXX. Nearly 30 inches long, 22" wide and 4" ground clearance, and nearly 20 pounds the Traxxas X-Maxx is HUGE to say the least. The X-Maxx monster truck is 4WD and equipped with a Velineon brushless motor. Click...