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Hello, I am a total newby to RC racing. I got a Raider BLX a month ago with lots of spare parts on Ebay because it looks awesome! Since its cold outside I have a track in my basement and have become totally hooked on the Hobby. Because of that I was looking for a second raider to race and found a like new original raider for cheap and of course got it. As a newb I was under the impression that the Raider XL was a 1/8 buggy and was different from the others but I did not know that the BLX was also the "Larger" 1/8th size. Now I don't mind that the second Raider is smaller 1/10th then my BLX, its much faster( my BLX has a traxxas replacement ESC and motor) but does not handle well enough to stay my short basement course. Since I have many spare parts and was planning on upgrading both I was thinking about upgrading the original raider to the larger sized chassis. I think I would only need the chassis, dogbones, control links. I also plan on replacing the shocks, tires and motors for both and want to get them running very similar to race one another. I do intend to get another RC to take to the track in the spring, but I have yet to visit and want to see what they race first, the raiders is learning/bashing.

Anyone have any tips, suggestions for my upcoming conversion, any help is wanted. Thanks in advance.


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