Outcast Team Durango Springs before and after

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I ordered some of the Team Durango springs to try on my Outcast and took some before and after pics.
What I did was compress the front and rear, then let it settle and took pics before changing them and after changing them. I left the shock collars in the same spot and as you can see, I gained about 5 mm on each end of the truck. Still have to run it though and see if it makes that much of a difference...
Before pic front
Before springs front.jpg

After new springs front.jpg

Before in rear
Before springs  rear.jpg

After new springs rear
After new springs rear.jpg
Hows the handling after using this spring?
Haven't tried them yet, weather has been crappy here in the Northeast! Had a party Saturday and other commitments kept me too busy to get out and try them...:(
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