Use Kraton/Outcast 8S wheels/tires on a Xmaxx/XRT?

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Forgive my ignorance, but what tires are those? I do like the Monster RC wheelnuts, look good.đź‘Ś
Here's the JBI and BAS wheelnuts. I only paid $107 for the stubs, hubs and wheelnuts from BAS 2 years ago. Last I checked, they totalled up to $190 from WFO. Which was some time ago. I never bought anything from WFO, but they seem quite pricey.

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they're dbxl tires, tbh i've read posts from many people complaining about dbxl tires blowing up just like xmaxx.
Just an FYI, here's the weight difference between the WFO (BAS) setup and stock TRX for the Xmaxx. Those steel stub axles are pretty heavy.