1. Oscar16

    Mega Looking for Lower SkidPlates

    Urgent, broke my skid plates and cannot find any in stock. any ideas of where should I look?
  2. S

    Senton 4x4 run 6s

    Is there anything I have to do to make my senton mega 4x4 6s. Can someone please help me? I had a 3s and it kept breaking slipper clutches.
  3. DrRosenRosen

    Shock options

    What's up fellas, new to the forum. I've got a V3 Senton with busted shock caps and literally zero availability for parts at the moment due to the Hobbico bankruptcy which they are telling me potentially May before I'm able to get this thing back up and running. My question to you guys is, do...
  4. S

    Upgrades for Senton 4x4?

    Are there any upgrades for the senton 4x4 yet?
  5. Oscar16

    Senton Mega 4x4 Battery Upgrade

    So I recently bought a Senton Mega 4x4 and took it to the track today for a spin (actually bought it yesterday night and took it today after work lol couldnt wait). I normally ride it around a really cool offroad rc track with some nice jumps. I started driving around the track for a while and...
  6. greatdividers

    Newbie Q's

    Hello friends! I picked up a senton Mega as my first rtr RC this passed weekend. Had an absolute blast driving it around. What I didn't enjoy was 10min of driving and then 4hrs of charging. I'm looking at improving this run time. Should I move into a 2S lipo? I understand higher mAh is going...
  7. Rob70

    Diff Oil in Senton 6s

    I got a Senton 6s. I changed Diff Oils last year and i can`t remember what i filled in then. In the Manual there is 7000cst front & Rear Diff. And the middle diff is 10000cst (10k) i want my senton more drifting, i want that the rear breaks lose. how can i get there? on my table is 10K & 30k...
  8. Adam6s

    Diff shim parts??

    In the V3 Senton 6s is it necessary to do the diff shim upgrade and what exact parts or part numbers do I need to do the job. I thought I read something about Thundertiger??Thank you in advance for any help..
  9. S

    Senton brushless conversion

    New to Rc, picked up the senton 4x4, already worked through the weak servo issue almost all of us seem to have, Hitec was recommended and seems to be running fine! Been through a couple rookie crashes and fixes big one now is yesterday something went on the motor(brushes?) The shaft...
  10. Adam6s

    Senton 6s V2 or V3 worthy differences?

    Are the differences between the V2 and V3 Senton 6s worthy to consider?
  11. larrys4227

    Senton Mega/Brushless

    Thought I'd post some particulars on how I setup my Senton. My goal is not wheelie popping brute speed. GoolRC 3650 3900kv with included 60amp ESC. Robinson Racing hardened 22t pinion. 2s 5200mah Lipo I have slotted the space between 17t and 27t mount holes on the motor mount bracket. I did...
  12. larrys4227

    Senton Mega/Typhon Shocks

    Just wanted to show the Senton Mega with a set of Typhon shocks installed. Certainly not the best cost mod, but since they were hanging around my spare parts box... I put 27wt shock oil, and so far have left the preload at minimum. I've been very happy with the results ...
  13. Rob70

    Want the Rear of the Senton to break out...

    I have the Senton V2 and mods that i made was other tyres, harder shock springs, and the diff fluid i changed a time ago. i don`t know now which fluid thickness i put in. The Senton now on gravel and sand sticks to the ground and in the turns he don`t comes around with the rear. I want to make...
  14. Merx

    Senton mega spur gear

    In need of a new spur gear, are there any spur gears out there made from metal? The stock plastic one didn’t last very long
  15. arrmaracing

    Senton BODY MOUNT SET upgrade

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is any upgrade to the Body Mount Set part # AR320277 If not ill just buy the stock one. thanks
  16. Wreckless

    BLX Senton 6s

    Hi all I am new to the RC world. When I bought the Senton 6s, I was debating between a 4s lipo or a 6s lipo. The person at the hobby store recommended 2 - 3s lipos. I thought it was a good idea, as he mentioned I could run a 3s to learn on then run 2 - 3s together. Once I was home and read the...
  17. C

    Mega Senton mega front skid plate removal

    Hey guys!! I'm new to the rc world and I've bought a Arrma senton mega 4x4. My son has already broken the front bumper and I need to replace it, but I don't know how to remove the front skid plate (AR320419). I tried to remove the screws that go through the skid plate but it didn't work. Can...
  18. Merx

    Senton Mega 4x4 upgrades

    Recently bought the Blue Senton Mega 4x4 from my LHS, at first I was going to leave it the way it is, but then today I did my first deep clean to get rid of built up dirt/clay and found how fun and entertaining tinkering with my truck is. I took everything off of the chassis and cleaned it very...
  19. S

    Senton suspension adjustment

    How do you adjust the suspensions on the arrma senton 4x4?
  20. S

    senton 4x4

    I bought the arrma senton 4x4 and I can’t find any websites with aluminum parts. If anyone has a websit please share it.