voltage hobbies

  1. Primarrma

    Kraton Another BMX/Skate Park Video, this time running my Kraton

    Here is another quick video at my local park, running my Kraton on 6s. The Talion is in it for a few seconds right at the end. I hope these are getting better, please let me know where I can improve? PS I need a new GoPro this one is a little blurry now days.
  2. Primarrma

    A local bash spot tour, with my Kraton on 6s

    Here is a virtually unedited video of my local bash spot. I wanted to give the feeling of being there, so I left it unedited, hope it works. Warning it may be a bit boring for some, haha.
  3. B

    Voltage racing suspension mounts

    I’m thinking about getting the voltage racing suspension mounts,front and back and I was just curious if anyone had any experience with these and are they worth the money?
  4. Rrr184

    Kraton T-Bone front bumper issue with voltage hobbies brace

    Is anyone using t-bone XV4 v2.0 front bumper with voltage hobbies front suspension brace installed? I just tried to install the bumper and the screw holes won’t line up with the thicker voltage brace
  5. dwblue00

    Whats going on with Voltage Hobbies

    Like the title says. Ive sent them 2 emails and haven't received a reply. Also, they seem to be out of stock on a lot pf parts. Anyone know what's going on with them?
  6. R

    No voltage hobbies..?

    I've been trying to order @Voltage Hobbies shock towers for months now and every time i try to order they're out of stock on the rear tower..does anyone know what's going on..i need towers bad..any second choices..I'm thinking HR..at least they're available..
  7. RCROD

    Limited run of TITANIUM parts

    I just received the following from Kenny at Voltage Hobbies. quote" I'm actually thinking of doing a limited run of titanium parts, titanium definitely has the strength needed by bashers and also lighter than my current 6061 or 7075 aluminum parts. unquote" Although not yet confirmed, this...
  8. Mr.Duke

    Voltage Hobbies Servo Mount

    I have to take the time to give a shoutout to @Voltage Hobbies for an impeccable product. I've heard nothing but great things about the Voltage products so last Saturday I ordered an aluminum servo mount to see what all the fuss was about. It showed up last night and, Let me just tell you that...
  9. Voltage hobbies product

    Voltage hobbies product

    Failed just like shock tower
  10. Rcnerd

    Kraton Voltage Hobbies aluminum rear shock tower

    Hey everyone- bent my stock rear shock tower, so replaced it with Voltage Hobbies 7075 CNC machined aluminum tower. Comes in a bunch of colors and seems like it will be a huge upgrade. I can't imagine this thing will bend, but time will tell. You can find the part here if interested...
  11. Voltage Hobbies

    Voltage Hobbies Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Towers for ARRMA Typhon

    Voltage Hobbies is happy to introduce our new Front and Rear Shock Towers for the ARRMA Typhon. Our shock towers are made from 7075 CNC Machined Aluminum for Superior Strength and Durability. They are 6mm thick in the thicker sections and 5mm thick in the thinner sections of the towers. Designed...
  12. thatyellowjeepguy

    Servo mount

    Finally picked up a voltage servo mount! Hopefully my servo won't go to shxt next. If it does. What's the best WATERPROOF servo to use?
  13. J

    Voltage hobbies vs Hot racing

    Hey guys. So I recently bought a Voltage hobbies servo mount for my Kraton and a Hot racing mount for my Typhon. Well I just wanted to compare the two. Now the main difference between the two is obviously the CNC machining with the Voltage mount being made out of aircraft aluminum and the hot...
  14. calabiyau

    Kraton New Servo Mount install

    Had to put in a new pinion gear this weekend so thought I might as well do that plus a few more upgrades: new center diff mount, upgraded steering rack and my new upgraded servo mount from Voltage Hobbies. If I can figure out how to upload before and after videos I will. The results are pretty...
  15. WoodiE

    Voltage Hobbies Servo Mount and Steering Rack

    It's a well known fact that the Kraton, Talion, Typhon, Senton, and Outcast stock servo mounts have a lot of flex which not only shortens the life of your servo but strips it of it's power - regardless if you're running a stock servo or an upgraded one. Voltage Hobbies has solved this by...
  16. Voltage Hobbies

    Voltage Hobbies Aluminum Shock Towers for the Kraton, Talion, and Outcast

    Here's a little teaser on what's coming soon from Voltage Hobbies, shock towers for the Kraton, Talion, and Outcast! They will be CNC Machined from 7075 aluminum. Our towers are going to be 6mm thick in the thicker sections of the tower, and 5mm thick in the thinner sections of the tower.
  17. J

    Kraton Anyone ordered from Voltage Hobby?

    I ordered the servo mount from them on the 24th and they just took the $$ out on the 26th. How long did it take for your order to proses and how long to ship out? Wanted to see what others had to say before I started getting frustrated. Thanks for all your info guys
  18. Crab

    Voltage hobbies servo mount

    here tha question. I installed a new servo mount. It seemed a little taller than factory. About the thickness off the shims that was in between the factory mount and servo. Just making sure that was a smart thing to do?¿? Seem to turn good with no binding or till this weekend when servo went...
  19. WoodiE

    Front and rear skid plates from Voltage Hobbies

    The guys at Voltage Hobbies has front and rear skid plates that fit the Arrma Kraton, Talion, Typhon, Senton, and Outcast and made from 2.5mm thick 6061 aluminum. Looks nice @Voltage Hobbies! Check them out here.
  20. R

    Kraton Voltage hobbies servo mount

    Ordered up a voltage hobbies servo mount for my kraton and got it installed zero flex now. Ran 2 6s packs and i am noticing my front center dog bone is getting pretty ground down from the corner of the mount. Has anyone noticed or ran into this problem. Did i miss something when i installed it...