ARRMA Nero 6s BLX destroys the Gravelpit

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Awesome! Please give us some feedback. How does it compare to your other 6s Arrmas? What do you think of the 'brain'?? Have you broken it yet???
It is one of a kind MT, with awesome weight distribution ( spelling ) low CG. It handles like a dream, you point it where you want it to go. Have tons of steering real good overall grip and flies like a bird. This was the first test, need to get used to it and one thing it easy to adept to the car. Hard to compare. It feels very nimble and light even if it is heavy.
Thank you sir..some of you might been dissapointed of the first Nero film..but needed to get used to the me, this truck will get same treatment as all my other ones
Nice! Are you sponsored by Arrma or otherwise given free stuff on account of these videos? Not that there is anything wrong with that of course, just curious. You should be if you're not, they are like Arrma commercials with that spot of yours. Who knows how many vehicles you have sold for them.

Keep it up man, they are always fun to watch.
@Thomas P nice video's man , looks like great spots and a ton of fun. I wish it was easy to find spots like that out my way. I am wondering out of all the cars , trucks and whatever vehicle's you own and have owned , do you have a favorite and if so why ?
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