Kraton Roll cage or no roll cage ?

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Are you Kraton owners keeping the roll cage in or removing it ? It seems to just be in my way.....I want to use it but it's pushing on my ESC. I rather just let the body take the blows if it happens, rather than transferring the blows into my ESC plug. Im not sure what will be better.
I am using mine. I believe the top portion of it takes most of the flex on impact, I can't see that it is harming the ESC at all. And I have put this truck through some torture. I like it because it keeps my stock body in good shape.
I liked it and used it until I started running a shroud, and the he shroud won't fit with the roll cage. So I've been without the cage for a couple weeks and no regrets really. Rather that than all the grass and everything else getting into my ESC fan - haha
I normally like to run a shroud on my Slash and I love it. I have to see how the roll cage will fit under the new Mugen body I got. I'll be Shoe Gooing the new body 100% anyway. Usually they take a real good beating once meshed and Shoe Gooed. What i do want to do is just keep large dirt out of the ESC fan also. The shroud is great but I also feel it could cut down on air flow. On my Slash, it doesn't get real hot. I rather have the shroud on the Slash becase the chassis is a big bucket. The Kraton looks better for dumping loose dirt out the rear of the chassis. I can also take fast readings with the temp gun without a dirt shroud installed. My fans still get dirty in my Slash with a shroud on but its only fine dirt. Hmmmm decisions decisions.
Yeah overall I do see higher temps with shroud that without. No doubt. Sadly. the roll cage no longer fits under the new body I got for my Kraton. So....what i did was mesh the new body with dry wall mesh and Shoe Goo. I had to paint my windows black rather than see through. This way the cab can be 100% meshed. I always do this and it works awesome. I'm also adding a piece of foam inside the roof of the new body. I'm going to just set it between the roof and the center diff. It will be experimental. I'll just attach it to the inside of the body. The density of the foam has to be just right,
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