1. B

    Are Kraton shocks the same as the Notorious shocks?

    Wondering if the arrma Kraton shocks are same shocks that are on the Notorious. Size and legth what not.
  2. Rhett

    Piggy back shocks for Notorious

    I want to get piggyback shocks for my notorious. They are 116mm front 135mm back. Can anyone tell me what I can get if I can go smaller just a bit?
  3. Nucear

    Is pillowball suspension allround good?

    Is pillowball suspension allround good? And is active rear camber good? (On a 1/8 scale buggy)
  4. Nucear

    Pillow ball suspension on the senton mega 4x4?

    Does the senton mega 4x4 have pillowball suspension?
  5. slick2500

    Tekno and Arrma shocks information thread

    I felt like all of this info should be in one place instead of spread out over multiple threads. Please feel free to add any and all info that you can to this thread. This post is a work in progress, new info will be added as it is found. You can get the kitted shocks from Dollar Hobbyz...
  6. arrmatyphon

    Wheelie problem

    I have the arrma typhon with 2.2 badlands, hobbywing max8 combo 2200kv. and I'm running on 6s 65c. At high speed on 18t pinion the car just wheelies when getting at a higher speed and there is no way I can stop it even adjusted the droop to be a lot less. So I'm not getting my top speed from the...
  7. servalac

    Talion V3 Ride Height Problem

    I would like to get the front suspension sit so that the axles are horizontal. Even if I mount the shocks in the inner hole on the a-arm and in the lower hole on the tower and turn the collars all the way down on the shocks, it is still too low. Been reading about folks swapping out the springs...
  8. S

    Senton suspension adjustment

    How do you adjust the suspensions on the arrma senton 4x4?
  9. J

    How to replace a front suspension arm?

    I need to replace a front suspension arm on my arrma granite 4x4 but I can't figure out how to access the hinge pin to remove it. It looks like I need to remove the front skid plate but I can't seem to figure that out either. Anyone have any advice?
  10. WildP1

    Problem removing Suspension of Senton

    Hello As you probably know, the suspension on the Senton is held on by two screws. By the top one I had no problems taken the bolt of and than taking the suspension of. I didn't have to take the bottom screw off to take the suspenion out because the broken part is that small plastic ring at the...
  11. Pepijj221

    Arrma Kraton Suspension Problems

    I've been experiencing problems last week with the front suspension.. The car lays really low in the front, the suspension is weak.. The rear suspension works well. I already changed the springs for better ones (88gf/mm), changed the oil to 700. Checked if the arms moved up and down without...
  12. chevyrumble

    Nero\Big Rock\Fazon Suspension Arm Upgrade

    It has finally happened, GPM Racing has released Aluminum Suspension arms for the Nero platform. It doesn't say what grade aluminum they used, but at least they are an option now. I have been looking for these since the day I received my Big Rock, 8 months ago. Within 20 minutes on my first...
  13. WoodiE

    RPM A-Arms for the Talion, Kraton, and Outcast!

    RPM RC Products is delivering again - this time with front upper and lower a-arms for the Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Talion RC's. Oh the A-Arms also fit the Durango DEX8T :D Made from the well known nylon blend. RPM has also made a few changes of their own over the stock Arrma A-arms such as...
  14. 504_KRATON

    Kraton shock-spring and oil upgrades

    My kraton is v2 is way too soft in front and too stiff in back. I have 70wt oil in all shocks and the dampening has improved, but with a squishy front and stiff rear it's hard to leave the face of a jump without a nose-down attitude. My question is: what shock spring upgrades would you...
  15. Fiery

    Nero suspension thread

    I thought that it would be a good idea to create a thread for the nero's suspension setup for various types of driving (i.e. Big jumps, small jumps, on road, bumpy terrain, etc). I personally run with 60 wt and a little 60k diff oil with 2 hole pistons drilled out with a 1/16 inch drill bit. I...
  16. W

    Keep breaking my upper suspension

    I keep breaking my upper suspension mount without even crashing any suggestions on why and does the aluminum durango truggy one fit thanks for any help
  17. Timritchieblue

    Nero to big rock suspension difference

    whats all different with the suspension? Does it just have longer push rods? bigger rockers? Longer shocks? Looking to give my Nero more suspension travel.
  18. Bladerunner

    Speed Raider

    I just got the raider xl mega brushed, I also installed the Velineon VXL-3s. I'm lookin to beef up the tranny and suspension, this buggy is only gonna do speed runs any ideas for tranny and suspension ??
  19. Lukey

    Arrma Granite BLX suspension break

    Hello, the front left shock on my Granite BLX just started leaking oil. I haven't done any jumps and also didn't drive it for 3 days. Before I put it safely in the box I checked it and it was perfectly fine. Now I take it out and part of the box is soaked with oil. How could this happen and what...
  20. popong black

    talion 6s suspension upgrade alternative

    hi guys, im relatively new to the rc game and have decided my weapon of choice as the arrma talion. completely satisfied with my truck! but on my recent bashing session i unfortunately broke 1 of my front shocks l, so i am in the market for a new and hopefully more durable shocks. any...