1. B

    New Big Rock upgrades

    This is crazy but I won another raffle for $1000 at a hobby shop. I am looking to upgrade my Big Rock, lookin for suggestions.
  2. Konfucius

    Limitless/Infraction Owners - Suspension slop?

    Fairly recent new owner of my first ARRMA, a Limitless. Extremely long time RC enthusiast, coming from higher end kits I've noticed QUITE a bit of slop when it comes to the suspension components of my Limitless. Specifically the rear hubs and the suspension arms. There seems to be quite a bit...
  3. rcmenace710

    Big Rock Out of the box set up/adjustments to make to the Arrma big rock 4x4 3s

    Just purchased a Arrma big rock 4 x 4 3s and will be running 3s battery with it and I’m wondering what adjustments or set ups need changed or adjusted from factory settings for the best performance. Mainly any shock, differential, or gearing adjustments that need to be made before running it for...
  4. J

    Mojave Mojave 6s Suspension for dummies

    I was was wondering if there were any helpful guides or tutorials on suspension tuning for the Mojave, I pretty much only take it out to sand in glamis and want to make it ride a little smoother out there. I was wondering if there were any long travel kits or anything that could be helpful. I...
  5. C

    Mojave 6s BLX stock ride height?

    hey everyone, new to the forum. I recently raised the ride height on my mojave, only to discover that it doesn't behave as i wanted it to. by ride height i don't mean the distance from the chassis to the ground, but the amount of thread between the top of the shock absorber and where the ring...
  6. C

    Senton Suspension Tuning Question

    After a 15 year hiatus from RC, I recently purchased a pair of Senton 3S RTRs. I have been running the cars exclusively at my local track. The track is hard, dusty, outdoor clay which is not frequently maintained. The front straight is pretty bumpy. I’m having a problem with the rear end...
  7. CentriBoosted

    Typhon HOW TO: TLR 8X shocks on TLR Typhon, Typhon 6S.

    What’s up everyone! Some have asked about the 8X shocks on my TLR Typhon so here’s a write up to help with those interested: *NOTE* This will work with Kraton, and any other chassis using the same standoffs and A-Arms. Kratons and other trucks would use 8XT shocks for truggy. Tools: File...
  8. r a y

    Typhon 6s suspension on 3s Typhon FINALLY dialed in

    And I'm SUPER thrilled with how it drives now! And lemme just preface that I run mainly on hard surfaces. Long story short, I roasted my rear diff last fall. So over the winter I ordered Arrma HD steel crown and steel input gears, along with Hot Racing aluminum yolks for front and rear and...
  9. Jerold

    Caster Adjustment?

    I'm setting up the suspension on the Limitless for straight line speed runs and noticed some shims on the back of the upper control arms. It looks like I can swap those to the front to get more caster? Is that the case? If so I probably need to loosen the upper control arm which is like...
  10. Exc3l

    SOLD / FOUND or trade 6s and 3s parts for a Max6

    I have a lot to offer. I have 2 front and rear 6s diffs, Front and rear Mojave arms with CVD's and turnbuckles, 2x 2050kv motors, 1 Firma 150, and 1 Blx185. Honestly, I have a load of 3s parts including tires, arms with turnbuckles, upgraded CVD, 17mm hexes, 17mm nuts, motor mounts, 2 extra...
  11. VerticalChallenge

    Granite Getting above grass with Granite 3S

    My 7 yr old son has rekindled his interest in RC after watching some Monster Jam on TV, so we've repaired a 3S Granite badly broken in some winter bashing. The first run around our hilly grassy yard really got the temps up on a 75 degree day; he was running on 3S, but with the speed limiter on...
  12. Fullout

    Kraton 6s v5 (newbie here)

    So I recently bought a Kraton 6s v5 and boy oh boy is she everything I could have wanted and then some! After 4 cycles on the spektrum smart 6s 100c lipos I killed the stock servo.. might have been cause I never calibrated it with the slt3 receiver and just ran it out of the box. Ended up...
  13. hdubb502

    Kraton Kraton 4s Rear Suspension

    Hi all, The rear end on my Kraton 4s is sitting lower than the front. I rebuilt the shocks and replaced the springs. I also added spacers. Is this normal? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your knowledge!
  14. E

    Granite Granite 4x4 suspension/steering upgrade?

    Hey guys brand new to the hobby just bought a new granite 4x4. Was tinkering trying to do a alignment (toe and camber) and found it very difficult as there is soooo much play in all of the original steering and suspension components. I would like to upgrade everything. Any recommendations on...
  15. Mewnova

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX Shock Problems

    It happened. My shocks started leaking. After getting fed up with hard landings, I saerched far and wide for good suspension. i know of the big bore schocks but they could arrive by christmas, and they're pretty expensive, taking the 20$ shipping into consideration. Any recommendations...
  16. Wiiiiide granite!

    Wiiiiide granite!

    Granite Mega/BLX with Typhon 3s suspension arms & composite links.
  17. Wiiiiide granite!

    Wiiiiide granite!

    Granite Mega/BLX with Typhon 3s suspension arms & composite links.
  18. SRC999

    Mojave Anyone know which size screw this is?

    Looking to identify this screw if anyone can tell me off the top of their head, or by looking at the truck. Funny how it's shown twice on the exploded view, but not labeled lol. (I'm at work trying to get the right parts ordered. Yes I should have just unscrewed it from the other arm to see for...
  19. Typhon 3s A-arms

    Typhon 3s A-arms

    Top: Granite arm Bottom: Typhon 3s arm
  20. SupraNik1910

    Granite Aftermarket Shocks

    Hey everyone, Got another question for y'all. My left shock bent and i don't wanna bend it so im just gonna invest in a new set. I was shopping around and saw the "Big Bore" shocks for the Senton, will those fit on my Granite?