1. I

    Typhon shim missing on V5 diff?

    hi, why theres no shim on the V5 typhon but there is one on the TLR? the input gear itself is the same ..
  2. ollie6s

    Kraton Kraton 6s front diff clicking

    Hi all, first post here. Bought a brand new k6 did the usual diff inspection and ran a few packs through it. Shimmed they diff and all still working fine, recently under braking or full throttle from a standstill the front diff is making a loud clicking sound for a second or two then goes...
  3. C

    Kraton 6s Kraton v3 clicking noise from front end

    Hello Arrma forum! I’m working on getting my Kraton going again but can’t figure out this clicking sound in the front drivetrain. At first I figured it was some differential gear that got worn down, but after replacing the worn diff ring gear the sound persisted. I had a new input pinion on...
  4. Knightfall

    Mojave Why are so many swapping to an open diff from LSD on their Mojave EXBs?

    I see many threads and videos about how to swap to an open diff from an LSD, but I haven't caught on as to why. There are some videos I've watched about the difference between open, LSD, and even locked diffs, but many of these lead me to believe LSD would be better for the Mojave. And I'd...
  5. obessedwithrc

    Typhon Diff Oil Weight in Relationship to Vehicle Weight

    Curious to know—I've read enough to understand the differences between thicker vs. thinner weight f/c/r diff fluid (changing the oil's viscosity if you want to be technical 😂). That being said, I'm curious if the weight of the diff oil should be increased if the overall weight of the vehicle is...
  6. BronkoRC

    Granite Screw in the rear differential

    Hey folks, today i made a shocking discovery in my rear diff. The Granite BLX v3 is brand new (only 6 Lipo-packs in). After a quick run on a sand/gras mix surface it started to sound pretty bad. Like a stripped gear or sand in the gears. I stopped driving immediatly to prevent more damage. The...

    Kraton GP4 diff life expectancy

    Hello All, Anyone getting good life from the GP4 open diffs (not LSD ones)?
  8. J

    Typhon Typhon TLR differential

    I recently got a TLR Typhon. I'm upgrading the middle differential from a 50 tooth to a 46 tooth. When upgrading one diff, do you typically upgrade all of them to the same tooth count?
  9. PerditionsFlame

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB

    Hi All, My first post. I just picked up my Arrma Kraton EXB 8s 1/5. Sos the Diffs still require shimming, if so does anyone have part numbers for suitable shims. (I’m based in the uk) Thanks!
  10. Mallerdaller

    Big Rock Best diff oile for big rock

    Hello. Just got a awsome 3s Big Rock home, but i will just check the Diff - what oile should i put in?
  11. tobmaster

    Talion EXB Diff missing parts?

    Have a "new" (run only twice) EXB Talion. Reading the posts about Arrma quality and diffs without oil, I decided to check and fill the Talion. I notice the front matches the EXB exploded view perfect, no worries. But the rear is missing both of the part circled in red. Is this correct? or is...
  12. LudeNation

    Diff. Rebuild Stand for all Arrma 3s platforms.

    Printed using a Creality Ender 3 at draft quality/0.28mm 20%infill
  13. Loon_tune

    Typhon Typhon diff fluid after upgrades

    So I've had my typhon v4 for a while now and I've beat the hell out of it. Great car. It's snowing now so i figured it was time to go through it for maintenance. The manual says 7k/10k/7k f/r/c for the diff fluid. My question is, I've overpowered the hell out of this thing. I'm running a 1520...
  14. B

    Added Metal Diffs and Slipper Clutch with 15T pinion. Now wheels lock with no throttle

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of completely upgrading my Granite 3s BLX's drivetrain. As the post states I recently put in the Hot Racing front and rear metal diffs and upgraded the composite slipper clutch gear to steel. I also added in a 15T pinion. My current situation is that when no...
  15. Mauzyrock

    Hello, I am looking to replace the stock front and rear diff cases on my K6 exb to HR aluminium ones.

    Hello, I need to replace both front and rear diff cases on my K6 EXb. I want to get the HR ones. I am not certain if I need two of the same or if there are separate front a rear. Also if anyone has a lead on tough replacement cap heads for keeping the shock tower on, I would be thankful.
  16. D

    Felony diff fluids. Is this a good choice?

    I'm doing bashing (not speed runs) and I was thinking to change the diff fluids to 60/500/30 K cps (f/c/r). Stock are 10/100/10 K cps. Next week I'll pass byt the LHS to get them. What are you guys using?
  17. fabiankrieger

    LSD differential fluid, same principles?

    Hi, I have a question: The weight off differential fluids, do they work the same on LSD as non-LSD differentials? Couldn't find out myself (fast enough), so i hope someone here is kind enough to help me in my quest. What do you ride/recommend for a Kraton EXB 6s and why? 🚀 Kind regards from...
  18. G

    Typhon Typhon Durable Differential Options for Down the Road

    Hi all, I figured I'd ask this question now for when I inevitably break my current diffs. What is a durable input and crown gear for bashing in a Typhon. I currently run a castle 1717-1260kv with a 30t pinion and a 46t spur on the stock diffs. Thanks in advance for the help.
  19. Prisma

    Granite Constant Diff Problems

    Hey everyone, I'm starting to be worried about how often my stock front diff on my Granite strips a tooth or two. I've rebuilt it too weeks ago, ran about 3 packs through it and the input gear has a tooth slightly shorter than the rest, causing it to slip once in a while. Now the infuriating...
  20. R

    Big Rock which diff oil should a use on my Arrma big rock?

    I personally is just a basher, so should i just go with the thickest oil i can find?