1. M

    Outcast 4s diff questions

    So I finally got my rear diff parts in the mail for my outcast 4s, but didnt think to get the reccomended silicone diff oil for it at the same time. Is there a different kind of oil I can buy at my local parts shop or department store? Because the closest hobbyshops are 2+ hours in either direction.
  2. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How much does a diff rebuild cost?

    My friend has a v2 kraton and he just keep having diff issues and he just told me he spend 120 cadandien $ to rebuild is diff... when i saw him the whole diff from jennyrc for 50$ he was shocked. Any suggestions to make is car bulletprof and i showed him the new kraton bpdy for 40$ and i think...
  3. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Arrma kraton 4s diff failure AGAIN

    Im starting to be really pissed off at my kraton 4s today my diff gave out again while doing speed runs...i thought my sun gear gave out but it turns out that the whole diff is gone. Whats going why is is only happening to me? Its my 4th diff failure..
  4. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Grease or oil for outside diff

    I have been ussing white lithium grease for a while now and my front and rear diff makes clicking noise when i remove the driveshaft and motor... and when i open the diff its bone dry with a bit of white on the teeths:/ should i use high weight silicone oil instead? Because the greases i tried...
  5. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Differantial tunning arrma kraton 4sblx/3s

    I foxed my kraton woth new spur gear slipper clutch an pinion and now im looking foward t tune my diffs i was watching rich duperbash video and always talk about tunning and takes a lot of time before he gets it right but is it really a big thing? I new to diff tunning so i want to hear a bit...
  6. MidroTea

    Kraton How i can change the bigger Bearing in the Rear Diff?

    Hello, the bigger Bearing in the Rear Diff is broken and i must change it. I have the rear Diff Case open and take off the Diff and also the Spiral Cut Input Gear and the little Bearing but the bigger Bearing i am not Able to get out. Is there a Trick maybe? Thank you!
  7. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Bearing diferantial failure

    I was outside testing my new servo when suddently my rear differantial once again gave up but not becaus eof my slipper clutch but because of the bearing who over heated and killed evrything.:c could this be covered by the warranty this ruined my day:c
  8. L

    Kraton Rear diff bearing popping off after 15 minutes

    Hi everyone, First of all, thanks to everyone in this forum, I've bought my first RC car after years of wanting one, and have had it since Christmas. My Kraton V3 has been incredibly fun to bash, and upgrading it has been really enjoyable. Since it's my first RC, the info here has been...
  9. Le-Mill

    Outcast Do you shim the pinion in your diff

    After i have shim the diff with two 13/16 shim The pinnon gear still very loose, i tried to put two 8x12x.2 and the fit is perfect and after 1 pack i reopen my diff and the shim is completely trash 👀
  10. BashingBrian

    New aluminum ARRMA diff case!

    Not sure if people have seen this so I thought I'd just leave it here, no more need for Hot Racing..?? https://www.arrma-rc.com/part/ARA220050
  11. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Jerky center diff

    Hi guys, I'm running my new Typhon 6s V3 for a couple of days now and I noticed something with the center diff. If the car is off, and I try to push it, i have to push through a sort of barrier (maybe this sounds stupid 😂). It is also a bit jerky. And it is making a lot noise, I know this is a...
  12. Grumpy Old Man RC

    Kraton Tip: how to clean Arrma Kraton diffs

    Since I was working on my Kraton and another member just muddied his up, These SHOULD be safe for use on some RC stuff. They are both supposed to be composite safe and I use them all the time for other things that have a lot of plastic of some grade or another. I changed out/added diff fluids...
  13. MRoyer

    Winter Temps Destroying Parts

    Don't let the title mislead you: Some of the wreckage is my fault. I'm new to the hobby. Its also been 32 or below when I've used the car. However, at this point, I think I'm going to put the Kraton away. Today I broke my rear diff housing (AR310427) AGAIN along with the composite hinge pin...
  14. Jtfaulkner

    Kraton Kraton GPM Bevel &Pinion gears

    Has anybody tried out these gears made by gpm? Supposedly #45 hardened steel. Any luck? Please let me know Thanks
  15. A

    Free spinning rear axle. KRATON

    Bashing in the yard today and towards the end my machine started sounding like the gear mesh wasn’t set properly upon further inspection the mesh is set right and the rear axle is moving with very little resistance. What would cause this. I pulled the diff cover to see if I snapped a input shaft...
  16. N

    Talion Talion rear diff

    So on only its 4th or 5th run, the Talion's rear diff has about 3 worn teeth on it (to the point that it click upon braking). A few questions if i may: What would cause this? We have never damaged either that Outcast or Kraton's drive line. I've ordered a complete new diff and input gear...
  17. IMG_2246.jpeg


  18. Uncle_buck

    How can you tell if the diff fluid is low?

    how can u tell if the diffs are low and need to be filled and what fluids should I fill them with if they are
  19. Gt rubicon

    Diff question

    Hi all, was cleaning my noto and my sons outcast when I noticed on all 4 differentials that the part where the axles/cvds fit into, on the differential is really loose and sloppy. I have done nothing to these diffs since we haven’t had any issues. Just wondering if this is normal or if I should...
  20. Ktc888

    Kraton Nasty noise from center differential

    Sound like the centre diff I have had it all apart. Teeth are all perfect (checked it over and over again) Thought it might be the pinion slipping on the motor but it's nice and tight Opened up the diff. All cogs inside are great Any suggestions would be appriciated