1. Viking

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB (Blown Rear Differential)

    I'm aware there are other threads for people who have noted blown rear diffs on their Kraton EXB. I'll share my experience, what caused it to happen and note the potential fix based on what Horizon Hobby told me, as well as the other gracious forum members who have shared their experiences and...
  2. J

    Kraton Exb diff shims

    Recently purchased the exb roller and the shims needed for the rear diff are out of stock everywhere in the UK 🤦‍♂️ I've hunted for something the same but have had no luck. I don't suppose a anyone has a link to something I can use as most places are saying October before the parts are back in...
  3. H

    Kraton gah, kraton 4s diff, i keep stripping the input gears

    so i have now stripped 5 input gears and i have looked up some stuff on what to do but they just keep stripping (see this for more info on what i have tried) this isnt the first rc car ive owned so i know quite a bit of what im doing but this has me stumped and i seem to be almost a lone
  4. H

    Kraton diff binding no matter what.

    stripped the rear diff (not the fist time) and when doing the usual rebuild it seemed extremely tight and notchy, i have done all the normal stuff, moving the shim to the other side, no shim, lessening the yoke a little and its still notchy the input gear, ring gear and yoke are all new, the...
  5. T

    Diff upgrade?

    I will preface this in saying I haven't killed or damaged a diff yet, but I'm in the process of making a stupid setup for my Typhon V4 and would love to know if anyone knows of upgrade paths for the differentials. I've tried the search function to no avail, thanks in advance :)
  6. J

    Kraton Correct shim size

    What are the correct shim size for All 3 exb diffs? Is shimming necessary in the middle? Thank you!
  7. Schnitz

    Kraton Diff fluid recommendations - v4 Kraton 6s

    Can I please get some diff fluid recommendations? I currently still have the stock fluids in place. I mostly just drift around in the yard, wheelie, small jumps, drive up a couple trees and back flip down to the ground, fly down the road and hop back into the yard. I've had it for a little...
  8. Jluther@becoinc


    So I’m on my third or fourth pack and the rear differential is clicking.!! I thought these diffs were supposed to be better !! I’ve been babying this thing. There’s something wrong Once before the same diff wouldn’t turn right with the truck off the ground. I took the diff out but couldn’t find...
  9. RecklessRC Bashing

    Kraton Pinion slid around after being lubed up from leaky diff!

    Well, after cleaning up my leaky diff and tightening the screws that go into the spur gear and diff case, I took the kraton for a test run to see if it still leaks, it didn’t really leak but I think the leftover diff fluid (from when it was leaking) Got all over the pinion gear and lubed the...
  10. R

    Granite Help!! Differential question any help wanted

    Hey everyone does anyone know if the Kraton and outcast 4s diffs will fit into the granite 3s because I’m hoping that the 4s diffs will last longer! Any help wanted thanks!!!
  11. H

    Kraton kraton 4s problems, diff and ball joints

    i have had this kraton for about 2 months (one of which i was wasnt on parts so it wasnt used) and during this time i have ran about 8 batts though it (4s) and stripped 2 rear diffs (ring gear both times [i think im typing this just after my 2nd diff blew but it feels the same as last times])...
  12. Gregorinho26

    Help with Diff Oil

    Hi All. Can someone please suggest the best suited differential oil for regular maintenance on the plastic diffs on my Granite Mega 4x4. I am still running the stock 12T brushed motor and 14T pinion. 2S lipo battery. I am looking for a balanced oil....not too thick, not too thin. Thanks.
  13. Q

    Kraton Please help! 4s blx replacement diff tight mesh

    Broke the rear diff the other day when I landed with apparently too high wheel speed. The internal diff gears are fine, it's the input gear and output ring gear that are both stripped. I'm replacing the gears now . I'm finding that the mesh is far too tight and I cannot get smooth action out...
  14. BashingBrian

    Infraction What's in your diff..?

    So as the title says, I think it would be a good resource if people with an Infraction post up here what weight oil they are using in all their diffs F/C/R..!! Post up what spec your Infraction is and the type of driving you do, that way we can all learn from each other about what's works...
  15. JDarby05

    Kraton Kraton 6s axle ripped the front outdrive (normal?)

    Trucks 2 weeks old now. My 6th time taking it out on grass, gravel, and pavement. Nothing serious and the truck hasn’t been higher than a foot or so off the ground. Today 5 minutes into my bash the truck just locked up and wouldn’t move. After going over it I realized the front axle...
  16. Eastbaychris510

    Wow! Differential blow out! Only had the limitless one week!

    Wow! I’ve only had to limit less for one week, and drove it may be 10 times max. And I’m only running Mamba Monster X, with a 6s Arrma motor. I was going to put some time and effort in this one.... but now... I may not even rebuild it... Arrma tough my A&$!
  17. life1134

    Granite Broke the metal that holds DIFF OUTDRIVE

    I Drove this truck for the first time today and I the metal that sticks out to hold the DIFF OUTDRIVE broke. Can this be fixed? I know I can replace the DIFF OUTDRIVES but I have seen nothing about this piece of metal that the DIFF OUTDRIVE connects to. I have added a photo and you can see the...
  18. typhonanfx

    Typhon Just got my first typhon 6s , Having some issues

    So what’s going on guys , I’ve just bit the bullet and bought myself a bran new typhon 6s blx, already burnt out my stock tyres and flipped it a few times 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 but no chassis damage I have grinded my rear diff and it was kicking out to badly , with a little messing about I discovered only...
  19. zizi8862

    Outcast front and rear diff oil in 4s

    So i see lots of ppl talking about diff fluid weights in the 6s lines but I cant seem to find much info on the 4s lines. I think the stock front and rear diff are 6k for outcast and kraton. Would going to 10k be too thick as the truck is a lot lighter and I see lots of 6s guys running 10k on...
  20. Typhon6smax

    Typhon diff problem?

    Hi there, Yesterday i was cleaning up my typhon and i noticed that the front left wheel is not turning as it should. Also when i push the throttle, that wheel stops earlier compared to the otter wheels, probably a diff problem? Maybe someone had a similair problem?