1. Deceased

    No power to 1 rear wheel

    Hello Im currently having a problem when I do 100% throttle and all of sudden break only my rear left wheel still keeps on spinning while the rest of the 3 are completely stop. Does anyone has an idea what can be causing that? I have a full Hot Racing rear differential I have it open at the...
  2. RCKYE99

    Kraton Center Diff Question

    Hello everyone, today I was doing my first diff maintenance on my Kraton 6s V5 I did the front and back diffs no problem but the center one felt loose connected to the front driveshaft. I pulled it apart and it was completely dry, no oil in the diff at all and there was dirt all over the gears...
  3. theapplepilot

    Kraton Kraton 4S Differential issue

    Hi, I know almost nothing about RC and recently my rear differential has been making a loud grinding sound. I've been thinking about replacing it but I've read online that its better to use anything other than the stock diff. Can someone tell me if i actually need to change my diff or if its...
  4. melmif


    Got a brand new never used Mojave EXB. The previous owner had bought it without the original EXB diffs and all he did was chucking in two standard BLX diffs (310957). Rear Dog-bone of one particular side is popping out in the first 3 min of driving. I see that all the Mojave BLX / EXB and the...
  5. Deceased

    Hot Racing rear differential Leaking

    Hello Im currently having a lil problem with my diff. Its leaking just a tab bit on only one side and I have open it TWICE already and everything seems fine at first the gears weren't meshing right so I fixed that and on the final time I fixed it the gears were much better. The oil stilled leak...
  6. SwampYeti

    What weight oil should I use in 3s big rock front and rear diff?

    been lurking here for a few weeks and this forum has helped me with so much already, so first of all, thank you! I recently shredded my diffs at the local rc track, so now I'm upgrading to the metal parts but while I'm there I wanted to address some handling issues I have. First the rear diff...
  7. D

    Talion Front Driveshaft Vibration

    Hey, I'm speedrunning my Talion EXB 6s. I'm having a really tough time with the front center driveshaft. At high speed, it is vibrating so badly that the diff input bearings keep shattering. I'm running M2C diff input cups (true and balanced), Scorched Titanium driveshafts (no bends etc..) , and...
  8. A

    Kraton 8s diffs issue

    Good afternoon, after a full service of my kraton 8s there are a couple of points. The first is the dangling differential cups, the second is the input gear in the bulkhead moves back and forth, along with the outer bearing. I don’t know if it’s worth leaving it this way, and what can be done...
  9. Moonstonemike

    Mojave New Arrma Mojave 4s.

  10. tigertodd

    Kraton HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? Center Solid Axle Diff for Arrma Kraton 6s??

    Have you guys heard of this? A solid center diff/ spur gear? I’m guessing there are no planetary or sun gears? Would this work and would it be good to use or ruin the truck? It looks beefy and the gear looks thicker which is was I’m looking for. The pinion gear is so much wider than the stock...
  11. S

    Typhon Stupid question on front diff

    Hey guys I’m just servicing my Typhon for the first time and wondering whether this front diff is in correctly? Or should it be the other way around (gear teeth on left side). I lost the manual haha Thanks for any feedback!
  12. cmoney

    Kraton Another probable diff issue…

    Hey all. I love my Kraton 6s but the diff clicking/grinding is super aggravating. Over the summer I rebuilt all diffs, and shimmed them, but a few drives since then have proved that I have more work to do. I’m planning on taking the car apart again and checking gear wear and diff tolerances...
  13. Donovan

    3s Diff Issues

    I have been having some issues when trying to install the metal diff I just bought for my Granite BLX. It seems like the metal diff is slightly bigger than the plastic diff. The yokes are pinching the diff just enough so the diff can barely move. Not sure what the deal is.
  14. H

    Does Ear plugged center diff contribute to rear diff fail? (Outcast)

    Current setup on my outcast is max5/800kv with 37/39 gearing, I always run it on punch level 3 and I have already ear plugged my center diff out of the box. Previously on stock setup, there is no issue with it everything runs smooth. Recently I broke both rear CVD pins (m2c driveshaft) and...
  15. rcmenace710

    Big Rock Out of the box set up/adjustments to make to the Arrma big rock 4x4 3s

    Just purchased a Arrma big rock 4 x 4 3s and will be running 3s battery with it and I’m wondering what adjustments or set ups need changed or adjusted from factory settings for the best performance. Mainly any shock, differential, or gearing adjustments that need to be made before running it for...
  16. bukshypro

    Vorteks Keep destroying rear diff with a particular set of (heavier) tyres.

    I've got my data imo. Both times I destroyed my rear diff, was with the JetKo MT Extreme Tyre Tomahawk Belted on Arrma Granite Black Rims 14mm Hex (2) tyres. They are quite heavy compared to stock Vorteks, Louise RC MT MCross tyres, so the car can backflip and frontflip crazy, but this keeps...
  17. obessedwithrc

    Diff Building Help: Notchy Gears

    When re-building the BLX diffs, how "notchy" should the diff feel after a re-build? Notchy, but turning? Completely butter smooth? I'm curious if there is a break-in period that takes out "some" notchiness or if the diff should be completely smooth before installation.
  18. ArrmaSmokes

    Felony Spektrum Dual motor 12s

    Hello arrma dudes So I’m having this problem on my dual motor felony So I desired to swap the front diff “gp5”to the back and the back “gp6” to the front So when I changed it used it I noticed the front would tighten up but would still roll only if pushed or with it being driven and it would...
  19. I

    Typhon shim missing on V5 diff?

    hi, why theres no shim on the V5 typhon but there is one on the TLR? the input gear itself is the same ..
  20. ollie6s

    Kraton Kraton 6s front diff clicking

    Hi all, first post here. Bought a brand new k6 did the usual diff inspection and ran a few packs through it. Shimmed they diff and all still working fine, recently under braking or full throttle from a standstill the front diff is making a loud clicking sound for a second or two then goes...