1. Gt rubicon

    Diff question

    Hi all, was cleaning my noto and my sons outcast when I noticed on all 4 differentials that the part where the axles/cvds fit into, on the differential is really loose and sloppy. I have done nothing to these diffs since we haven’t had any issues. Just wondering if this is normal or if I should...
  2. Ktc888

    Nasty noise from center differential

    Sound like the centre diff I have had it all apart. Teeth are all perfect (checked it over and over again) Thought it might be the pinion slipping on the motor but it's nice and tight Opened up the diff. All cogs inside are great Any suggestions would be appriciated
  3. Nitr0EngiEx

    VIDEO: How To Clean Differential Fluid and Shock Oil! Super Easy!

    So I spent allot of time tearing down the differentials of my Arrma Kraton and couldn't help but think that there has to be something I can clean the components with to dissolve away the old diff fluid. I think I found something that is effective! Check it out!
  4. smkd13

    Front diff goes Kaboom

    Yep blew up a front diff yesterday. Stripped two teeth off a planetary and shattered a sun gear. Yep need to get a shim kit. It is rebuilt now but I think the main reason for the break age is power on landing
  5. C

    How many of you have abandoned the Diff Brain?

    Hey Gang, I have owned a Diff Brain Nero for about a year and a half, and it seems I am always fussing with the diff servos. I have replaced two, and still seem to have issues from time to time. I don't really utilize them that often, but it is fun to play with. I've been very careful about...
  6. AJ2u

    Advice on locking diff and wheels and tire combo

    Hi just received my Notorious /Outcast probably going to do a complete strip down as I always do on RTR. A few questions wheels and tires in the crawling world Beadlock and high grip in the world of bashing? Recommendations please also do any of you lock your diffs that's it for now I'm sure to...
  7. -Dusty-

    Leaking diffs and Green slime

    Hello. I been having a little trouble with these diffs leaking by the o-ring. I take them apart and try re seating the o-ring and sometimes its ok, but I find that, for me, that is where the diff will leak. I do have shims behind the sun gears, which I think helps a little but on my outcast it...
  8. bricoletout

    How to shim your diff (with pictures)

    Hi, here is a tutorial about how I shimmed my diffs. It could be differents for yours. I hope it is clear enough, my english is not perfect. There is also the french translation...
  9. Gloggen

    Shimming diffs - how tight?

    How tight do you shim your diffs? When I shim one of my diffs I can either use one shim less than in Thomas P:s fantastic video about bulletproof diffs making it feel smooth like butter when turning the outdrives (is that the correct term?), OR I can use the exact same amount as Thomas, and I...
  10. M

    Center diff bearing fit in Hot racing motor mount

    I just purchased the Channel lock secure motor mount for the 6S Arrmas and cannot get my bearing to fit the opening. It is the same diameter but just too tight of of a tolerance. Anyone have trouble with fitment of the diff bearing with this mount? I have tried to place my diff 2-3 times and it...
  11. ThatDrewGuy

    Little help here!

    So I broke this little piece here that sits on top of the rear diff case. The only way I can find it for purchase is to buy the entire rear diff assembly. Anyone know where I can buy just that small piece?
  12. Swift518

    Searching for shims

    Has anyone found the Mugen shim kit in stock lately? https://www.amainhobbies.com/mugen-seiki-differential-washer-set-muge0206/p3241 Or any advice on another kit that works well for diff shims?
  13. ThatDrewGuy

    Every Diff ever...

    So this is what every diff I have ever opened right out of the box. This is why we go through our “RTR” vehicles.
  14. RxMonkey

    1 Million wt Diff Oil

    I thought I’d share my thoughts on diff oil weights in the outcast. STOCK: Stock oils allow way too much ballooning of front tires. I cooked my diff and the support blocks for the cross pins actually melted into the diff cup a little. Needless to say way way too hot. The front and rear diff...
  15. Kouwe81

    BLX Fazon Diff seal and oil

    Hello. I found a wonderfull thread which i will be using to seal my diffs ( hope it will work ): https://www.arrmaforum.com/threads/manne´s-nero-bash-build-thread.2269/ Loads of information in there, so i ordered some screws / oils, and now i hope it will work. My tires were ( and still are )...
  16. Killer Kraton

    Aluminum diff cases?

    Are the Gmp as good as HR? I keep having diff problems and would like to solve them. Not sure what broke this last time...haven't pulled it open.
  17. I'mon6s

    Rear diff stripped gears

    Hey guys I wanted to run the Talion one last time before I tore it all down to replace the bearings with Fast Eddy’s ones- and I took it out in the street on 6s and after just a few seconds the rear diff screamed. Well, I tore it down and what a mess was inside the diff housing! All greasy and...
  18. RcDaddy

    Where can I get a crown gear for front diff?

    My kraton has been down for months i need a crown gear for front diff. Im losing patience. We only have a few weeks of weather thats suitable to be outside playing. If anyone had ideas for alternative gear or wants to sell me one idc i need to get it up and running. Please help
  19. Crash Bandicoot

    Diff oil weight

    Hello, I've lunched my composite idler gears in the gearbox of my 6 month old Mega Fury, which now runs a 4000kV brushless 3s setup and larger monster truck wheels. My Fury is a 100% basher, running mainly on grass and dirt, with occasional asphalt runs. I'm putting together new metal...