1. damiyo

    Notorious Differentials loud and clunky in Arrma Notorious

    So now that I am up and running I have noticed that the front and rear diffs on my Notorious are rather loud and clunky. Normal?
  2. RC4LIFE2700

    Granite What grease should I use on the differential gear?

    I have seen people use all different kinds of grease on the main differential gear, and it's kind of confusing. Can someone recommend me a well known commonly used grease? I'm willing to pay more for a high quality product but if there is a good budget option I am open to that too. I'm talking...
  3. Grimbles

    Typhon Crappy morning stripping screws and interesting 3s diff issue

    Have not had a good start to the Bank Holiday! Rear diff on my typhon 3s had gone crunchy so was stripping down. Have had to murder a 3s diff yoke due to the worst stripped screw ever :( yes was using mip. Thankfully have a replacement plastic diff yokes. Anyhoo check this out. Diff was...
  4. RC4LIFE2700

    Granite Weird Diff Noise

    Hey Arrma Forum, I'm new and this is my first post yay. Anyways I got my Arrma Granite 4x4 3s BLX 2 month ago and have ran it maybe twice a month since. So today I decided to take a look at the diffs and realized I needed a long skinny 2.0mm hex driver to unscrew the inner part of the...
  5. W

    Kraton Changed the oil in my diffs on my Arrma EXB and have lost 4x4

    Hey I have just changed all the oil in my diffs on my exb and have seem to have lost my 4x4. When you pull the trigger the front tires are getting very little power. Any idea why this is happening T.I.A.
  6. GiantNinja

    Kraton How to locate which diff has issues?

    I have the Kraton EXB, and I have had plenty of issues with the diffs needing extra shims and all that, and had everything working great. So I know that distinct sound of some diff gears skipping, but I just rebuilt all three diffs, and there's still some gears skipping, but from which diff...
  7. RC617

    Diff oil and shock oil - where and what to buy

    I'm in process of getting diff and shock oil for my Kraton 6s V5 in prep for my first maintenance check and I'm trying to determine the following: -Where is the best place(s) to buy online -What is the best to buy - are some brands better than others, or is brand not that important? -How much...
  8. AristonC

    Kraton 6S V5 - Is this a leaking center diff?

    Being the newbie that I am, I figured I’d take a pic and ask here. I’m seeing what looks like a bunch of oil/grease on this part of the drive shaft going into the center diff as well as on this end of the chassis brace. This is on the Karton 6S V5. I’ve run it a total of three times with...
  9. O

    Rear Diff Destruction - Typhon V4 (Pic Attached)

    Question: I just blasted the rear differential. I've previously blown and purchased a metal diff case for the center diff. Is there anything like that for front/rear? Links appreciated. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Rocket 4585, 1580kv Pinion: 22T...
  10. chaoticnative

    Hello I am new to rc and need help with diff swap!!

    I have a v3 senton and 2 granites a v2 with the blx from the senton in it cos I blew the diff will have pics the granite came with a sidewinder 3 and a 5700kv motor on 3s it over heats in 2 mins came with a a v1 granite roller I use for parts. My main question is what type of grease Should I get...
  11. C

    Kraton Changed out the stock fluids for a fresh setup

    So moving along with changing the differential fluids. Tonight I switched the factory 10k/100k/10k fluids to 60k/200k/20k. Just going off of examples I find here on the Forum, Thank you!! Geez I have been all over San Diego though, and these fluid weights were as close to what I wanted, lots of...
  12. M

    Kraton Arrma Kraton 4s dif fluid rear

    I’m relatively new to hobby grade RC’s, I have it torn apart, I have to replace the differential in it in the rear, what oil do I need for the differential is it specific or?? Thanks in advance.
  13. FonkySituation

    Typhon mega differential to kraton help!

    Thanks for any and all help! So i have a typhon mega 4x4 with a castle sidewinder 8 setup..i had to convert the main pinion and gear and housing to the 3s metal setup..now i have shreded my front diff some how..im new to the hobby so when looking for replacements i some how ordered...
  14. davetron22

    Granite Granite Blx V3 trouble out of the box

    Fresh out of the box 3s Granite Blx V3. It has never been ran. When pushing it i hear this GRINDING SOUND. I pulled off the motor and spur section and inspected the spur/pinion gear mesh..... looks good. When spinning both tires it feels skittish, like chunky if that makes sense, even with...
  15. HeroZero1

    Mojave Mojave oil n fluids

    My Mojave is still pretty new only about 5-6 runs. I wanna get in and service all the diffs and shocks. Replace fluids. Also have read stuff about shiming, watched some vids on it but any other advice would be appreciated. For the diff f/c/r what should I use and also where is a good place to...
  16. Brian T

    Typhon Can I clean differential with gasoline?

    So I purchased new hot racing steel gears and input shaft with a hot racing aluminum carrier case, the stock case holds Metal Gears inside of it when I pull those out I want to clean them can I soak them in gasoline to clean them because I don't have a hobby shop anywhere near me, this 550 has...
  17. Duck_rc_car

    Alu Diffhouse, the problem / Talion on 6s

    So i fitted the GPM alu diffhouse in the rear, very nice.. but my problem is, now the rear axle seems too short all of a sudden. There is about 4mm play lenghtwise.. too much, compared to the stock one, or the one at the front (stock) Im afraid if i let loose on the throttle ill destroy the...
  18. RCpiecesuk

    Infraction Kraton 4s

    Hi I’m new here ? Just wondering if someone can help me, did infraction diff gear fit Kraton 4s ? I found brand new on eBay for very Good price but I’m not sure if this will fit in my car. Thanks for helping Have great day ?
  19. Viking

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB (Blown Rear Differential)

    I'm aware there are other threads for people who have noted blown rear diffs on their Kraton EXB. I'll share my experience, what caused it to happen and note the potential fix based on what Horizon Hobby told me, as well as the other gracious forum members who have shared their experiences and...
  20. J

    Kraton Exb diff shims

    Recently purchased the exb roller and the shims needed for the rear diff are out of stock everywhere in the UK ?‍♂️ I've hunted for something the same but have had no luck. I don't suppose a anyone has a link to something I can use as most places are saying October before the parts are back in...