1. thedutchviking

    Granite 4X4 Granite Mega Power Troubleshooting

    My son’s 4x4 Granite MEGA has been consistently losing throttle power (zero) every thirty seconds. After double checking the batteries (2S 2500 mah LiPo), the jumpers, and double-checking the motor that we replaced a few week’s prior, I decided—after browsing the forums—that the ESC was likely...
  2. Kitbag

    How to investigate No throttle response

    I have a BLX80 esc. My esc does not beep when switched on. My steering works, but not throttle. The problem is not the controller. How do I find out if the problem is with the esc, the receiver or the motor?
  3. dillon_mitko

    Kraton Kraton no throttle

    I’m working on my brothers kraton and I had to put a new esc in it. I installed that, took it outside to test, and it was making a weird noise and going kind of slow. I talked to my brother about it and he said to try to take apart all the diffs, check all the teeth, refill them with new oil...
  4. Dennis Kirchner

    ESC Flashing Red

    Hello from California. My heat sink LED is constantly flashing red, only have half throttle, and car slows down quickly when off the throttle.
  5. O

    Kraton Throttle switch in reverse on transmitter

    Hey everyone, as title says, I have a new V2 Kraton with stock tactic and noticed the switch on the back of the transmitter for the throttle is in the reversed position. The truck runs fine, but I'm wondering if I'm losing any full throttle this way. Should I flip it to normal and reprogram the...
  6. Aflan

    Throttle problem

    Hello all, I have a problem and I don't know where to look anymore...The problem is as follow's; When I drive after about 10 minutes the throttle becomes erratic...It goes down and then up again to normal...For no apparent reason...The ESC and Engine are not warm... :eek: I checked and...